Summary Of Sound And Fury

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I. Summary (1-2 paragraphs)

The documentary Sound and Fury addresses the use of cochlear implants for individuals who are considered by a medical professional or speech and language pathologist as either deaf or hard-of-hearing. In this specific film, Heather, age 6, and Peter, who is almost 2 years of age, are individuals who, after the consultation of numerous respective occupations, believes could benefit from a cochlear implant. This documentary focuses on the fact that the implementation of a cochlear implant isn’t a simple process in terms of the decision to do so by the family to the actual procedure, as it needs to be surgically implanted. Throughout the documentary, numerous concerns are brought to light on the effects a cochlear
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Nonetheless, her parents, Peter and Nita, are reluctant to do this for their daughter, as they are both considered deaf themselves and believe that their child should remain within the deaf community. Nonetheless, Heather herself wants to get a cochlear implant due to the fact that she isn’t able to communicate with her friends at school, who are speaking. After extensive consideration, Heather’s parents choose to take her to see the proper doctors for the possibility of getting a cochlear implant. Nonetheless, after weighting the pros and cons of the implementation of a cochlear implant, Peter and Nita choose against a cochlear implant. The main reason behind this is because they fear that they may lose their child to the hearing world in addition to Heather not recognizing deaf culture anymore. However, this doesn’t please their grandparents, who are both hearing, as they believe that getting Heather a cochlear implant will give her a better life within real-world situations. They emphasize that society is struggling to adapt to the deaf community and is reluctant to learn ASL, so getting a cochlear implant will help Heather in many aspects of life. Nonetheless, Peter and Nita stand by their decision against a cochlear implant in addition to choosing to move to Maryland in which there’s a strong deaf community and a school that will allow Heather to interact and communicate with her peers in the best way she knows how – through the use of American Sign Language

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