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  • Small Domestic Appliances Case Study Assignment

    After around four months we started unconventional channel partners and started with a few exclusive Havells Small Domestic Appliances Mini Stores and Mobile Stores. We also started covering channel partners on the flank, that is those that catered to similar customers but with different products. We gave these channel partners individual product lines, maximum two to each so that their negotiation power remains low. We also started to enter the Modern Trade, which till now was not explored by the company and started with an exclusive distributor for smaller modern trade stores. This distributor later also helped in selling of Compact Fluorescent Lamps in huge volumes. These efforts also attracted 5 Havells Galaxies in the region, all products exclusive Havells…

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  • Riffling: Impact On Civilization

    As it moves though the different time periods, and more importantly, adopting, modifying, the technology from civilization to civilization. We found in 4500 BC Oil lamps began to appear, and the next evolution in lamp technology came in 3000 BC, and this is when candles were known to be invented. Each generation adapting the lamp to its needs. 900 AD the kerosene lamp; 1780 improved the oil lamp efficiency to the draft flame. You can really see the lamp technology explode when each civilization…

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  • Bluebot Lab

    What types of light can a light sensing BlueBot detect? Lights are used for many everyday tasks, and many days they go unnoticed. There are many types of lights, such as Ultraviolet, Infrared, fluorescent, and LED lights, and they all can do different things. Ultraviolet light can be used as a way to light up certain types of clothing, or it can be used to sterilize food. Infrared light is mainly used as a way to heat up food, or as a shorter wavelength to control household items, such as…

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  • How To Write A Rhetorical Analysis Of Guernica

    intersecting lines, and cubism to emphasize the misery of the people rather than the focusing on the entire incident. When first looking at the image, the eyes are drawn to the center where there are intersecting lines that start at the bottom corners and meet at the top of the lamp. We see several victims of the bombing, some dead some living, a large, white linear shape in the background, an abstract horse and a disfigured bull. Although the focus is concentrated on the heart of the…

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  • Engineering Patent History

    using, or selling their patented invention. It is possible for someone to make an invention using only the patent as a guide since the patent can not include any secrets. The term of a patent is usually 20 years from the date on which it has been issued. There has been many honored engineers in the past including Thomas Edison, that have attained a patent for their invention. Throughout his lifetime, Edison has patented more than a thousand of his inventions. Edison 's most famous patents were…

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  • Sustainability Of Life

    Mercury is the most potent neurotoxin known to man. Meaning, there are no other known chemicals which affect your brain as drastically. And worse, mercury doesn 't break down in the body, or in the environment. It just keeps accumulating (Kroll). So not only is mercury bad for people and their health, but there is no way to get rid of it. When choosing a light bulb that is going to be all over a house, I would prefer one not streaming out with mercury. Compact fluorescent lamps will help people…

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  • King Blade X: The Color Designing Reflection Of Color Tuninging

    Abstract Inspired by the color tuning function of King Blade X (an electronic glow stick), this paper investigates different approaches of LED color tuning, including dim-to warm tuning, white color tuning, and full color tuning. This paper would go over their operating principles, advantage and withdraws, and potential applications. Introduction The interest to investigate LED color tuning originated from my King Blade. This is an electronic glow stick used in live concerts. One of its…

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  • Electricity In The Mid-19th Century

    in high demand. The New York Herald headline in December of 1979, popularized the success of Edison’s invention by declaring “EDISON’S EUREKA—THE ELECTRIC LIGHT AT LAST, ” and soon the world was demanding electric light. Because of his newfound demand and highly limited supply, Edison priced a lightbulb at 40 cents, a fraction of the $1.10 it cost to manufacture. Due to his strong financial backing, even after his struggles, Edison was willing to take a loss on the initial products because it…

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  • Honor Thomas Edison Research Paper

    invent defensive weapons for the military during world war one. On October 18 ,1931, Thomas Edison passed away from complications of diabetes. Many people turned of their electric power temporarily or dimmed their lights to honor Edison and all that he had done for the American country. Thomas Edison was the forefront of America's first technological revolution and he set the stage for many more people to come and improve his outstanding work. Thomas Edison was one of America's leading…

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  • Importance Of Going Green Essay

    Supporters argue that there are minor lifestyle changes if any. So says, Laura Caton, a sales consultant from Sandwich, MA. She began switching to energy-saving compact fluorescent light bulbs, also known as CFLs, which provides the same amount of light as the traditional 100-watt light bulb while consuming about 75% less energy. Compared with the traditional 100-watt light bulb, close to 90% of the electricity used is wasted as heat instead of usable light. CFLs cost more but last 6 times…

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