Barrel Rifling Essay

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One of the biggest impacts on civilization started in Augsburg, Germany around fifteen hundred and twenty. When a man named August Kotter developed barrel rifling. Armorers to black smiths spared the knowledge as each civilization adapted the technology, modifying, and adapting it as it spread. For generation this technology changed as the knowledge continued to disseminate through the decades. Although riffling has been around since the fifteenth century, it was not commonplace. True rifling can be found from the mid to late sixteenth century, but was still not a trusted technology until the nineteenth century. Riffling technology goes back to bows and arrows. The concept of stabilizing a projectile flight by the rotational spin, gave the arrow greater range and accuracy.
August Kotter thought early firearms shard similar problems as the
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Giving way to LED’s, led filaments, EL wire, and LumiLor paint. These adapting of light are ongoing, just as the study of velocity and air density came from barrel rifling. Technology comes from the interactions of many things before it can fill a need or want. An example of barrel rifling technology adaptation is the suppressor. A device attached to the barrel to reduce the amount of noise and visible muzzle flash generated by the ignition, velocity and air density of the projectile coming out of it. This is to hide or conceal the shooter’s position rendering him/her unseen, and able to use stealth to their aims. “Low observable technology uses many other technologies from light frequencies, magnetic, electromagnetic passive electronic countermeasures, which cover a range of techniques used by personnel, aircraft, ships, submarines, missiles and satellites to make them less visible; ideally invisible.” Stealth technology started with the Russia’s attempt to develop a stealth fighter called Sukhoi T-50 and started the invisibility battle of electromagnetic

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