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  • Metacommunication Analysis

    be on time because I am usually late to ultimate Frisbee. The second way that I viewed it that he was warning me not to be late but I did not take it that way because his tone of voice did not sound threatening when he was speaking to me. The third way I took this statement was that he did not trust me to because he doubted my dependability for being on time without him reminding me. The second situation was when I was playing ultimate Frisbee later that day and one of my teammates told me, “Zac, after the throw off, pick up the disc, do a pump fake, and then throw the disc deep to me.” The original intent of my teammate’s statement was for me to throw the disc to him but because of metacommunication, I took it different ways too. The first way that I interpreted his statement was that he believed in my ability to be able to fool the defender with my pump fake, and my ability to throw the disc a far and accurately so he would be able to catch the disc down the field. The…

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  • Frisbee Business Model

    Having two captains and a treasurer works best for the team, they make most of the important decisions for example: how practices are run. They set up the difficult parts of the group like explaining how Ultimate Frisbee is played, which helps newcomers understand what is to become of them throughout the year then, during games connections are being made between practice and a real game. Informality is key in the team, not making practices formally, makes it easier to be teammates and to…

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  • Questions On Gothic Architecture

    of light to reflect a symbol of god inside the cathedral. The more he used light, the more he “hoped for people to be closer to god”. 2) How did this style of architecture come to be called “Gothic”? The name behind “Gothic Architecture” originated from critics that saw Abbot’s “modern” title possibly less interesting. Instead, critics named the architecture “Gothic”, which was referred from barbarians who were addressed as goths. Therefore, Gothic stood out for a title behind the architecture.…

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  • Flying Fish Research Paper

    the order Beloniformes and class Actinopterygii. One of the common name of the family Exocoetidae is flying fish. Exocoetidae contain 64 species and is group into seven genera. The seven genera name are Cheilopogon, Cypselurus, Exocoetus, Fodiator, Hirundichthys, Parexocoetus, and Prognichthys. The reason Exocoetidae get the name flying fish is its ability to glide through the air. The oldest fossil that a person has found of Exocoetidae is Potanichthys xingyiensis. The fossil is dated back to…

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  • How Did Romanesque Architecture Emerge

    Romanesque Architecture How and why did Romanesque Architecture emerge? Why did it evolve in style? Give specific examples (two to three buildings) to illustrate the development of the Romanesque architecture during the Medieval period. Introduction (Central idea, thesis statement) This essay aims to investigate how and why the Romanesque Architecture came about and its transformation in style during the medieval period. By using examples such as the Durham cathedral in Britain, and the The…

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  • Similarities Between Romane And Gothic Architecture

    architecture, as the pointed arches are the style’s defining characteristic, as opposed to round arches in Romanesque architecture buildings. There are many similarities between Romanesque and Gothic architecture. Many churches inherited the basic design from Romanesque architecture. ( They had many similar characteristics such as the cruciform plan with the nave longer than the other three arms, the use of the basilica form and arcades separating…

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  • Saint Patrick's Gothic Style Essay

    One building that was interesting that imitated the neo-gothic style over the many years I lived in Lowell was Saint Patrick’s church in Lowell, Massachusetts. The local church had a historical tie to the city's Irish American population to support the Irish workmen who had moved to Lowell and who are also the ones that worked on the Pawtucket and Merrimack Canals. The current stone structure dates to 1853 and the Saint Patrick's church used to be in a wooden design but a fire in 1904 caused…

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  • Albrecht Dürer Analysis

    Image Analysis “And then I saw another mighty angel come down from heaven, clothed with a cloud,” an engraving etched by Albrecht Dürer in 1498, depicts an angel, covered in a cloud, descending from the heavens, with one pillar-like foot on the land and one on the sea. The angel is almost comically shoving a scroll into the mouth of a man sitting on shore. Behind the angel in the ocean, there is a sea monster, two geese, and a few boats. The angel has one hand on the book and one pointing…

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  • What Are Gothic Cathedrals

    of ancient Greece and Rome, was the Gothic cathedrals these “stone bibles” were so elaborate that construction literally took ages.Builders used pointed arcs and to increase the reality and illusion of height, cathedral exterior had carved Biblical tales.The Romanesque style made way for the Gothic style and in most are the two merged into one style. French architects during the thirteenth century developed the pointed arch, piers and the flying buttress which is a support or brace that…

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  • Sacred Geometry In Cathedrals

    These cathedrals seem to be reaching for the heavens as a contrast to more traditional english cathedrals which showcase length over height (Ramzy 146). These magnificent structures began to arise in France around the 12th century and continued to grow in popularity until the 16th century (Prina 1). A highly recognizable feature of gothic cathedrals are the use of flying buttresses - exterior structural support with connecting arches. Gothic Cathedral architecture was used to connect the…

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