Metacommunication Analysis

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Within the past few days I have noticed that I have been involved with metacommunication many times. Metacommunication is a message that accompanies a message that is expressed in words. Some people may call it a message inside a message. Learning about this has made me notice how much we use metacommunication in our lives. So now I’m going to bring you through three days of when I faced metacommunication and how I interpreted each situation.

On the first day immediately after reading the metacommunication in chapter two, I was already dealing with it. While I was doing my homework for this class my roommate came by and asked if I was ready to go to dinner. I told him that I was not ready yet because I’m still doing homework and then he said,
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The first one was when my friend came up to me during lunch time and said, “Zac, do not be late for ultimate Frisbee today, it at 4:00 p.m.” When I originally heard this I took his statement as a caution to not be late, but from my knowledge of metacommunication I also viewed this a few different ways. The first I viewed it was that he could have been implying for me to be on time because I am usually late to ultimate Frisbee. The second way that I viewed it that he was warning me not to be late but I did not take it that way because his tone of voice did not sound threatening when he was speaking to me. The third way I took this statement was that he did not trust me to because he doubted my dependability for being on time without him reminding me. The second situation was when I was playing ultimate Frisbee later that day and one of my teammates told me, “Zac, after the throw off, pick up the disc, do a pump fake, and then throw the disc deep to me.” The original intent of my teammate’s statement was for me to throw the disc to him but because of metacommunication, I took it different ways too. The first way that I interpreted his statement was that he believed in my ability to be able to fool the defender with my pump fake, and my ability to throw the disc a far and accurately so he would be able to catch the disc down the field. The …show more content…
The first scenario that I used metacommunication was when I was working at Chartwells and my manager came up to me and said, “Zac, you have been running your station perfectly today.” Besides the original intent of this statement, metacommunication conveyed this statement into a couple of interpretations. My first interpretation was that throughout the whole shift, so far I have been working efficiently. My second interpretation of my manager’s statement towards me was that he has liked how I have been running my station so far that night. The other memorable moment of metacommunication to be was after I got off of work. Once I got back to my dorm I was greeted by one of my roommates yelling at me saying, “Zac, you are such a dirty pig,” while throwing his hands up. From my senses in metacommunication, I interpreted this in a couple of ways. I could tell that he was angry with me because of the loudness of his voice and by his body language when he threw up his hands. I also interpreted the situation as he wanting me to clean up after myself because he compared me to a pig, which pigs are known for being dirty, so he was angry about all my possessions being around the dorm and making it look messy. I also interpreted this as to stop leaving my possessions around the dorm because of how he confronted me on the topic

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