Frisbee Business Model

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Group Description SOL Ultimate Frisbee is the group that I’m apart of. This year I joined Eau Claire’s Women Ultimate Frisbee team (SOL), they are a fun group to be included in. I joined SOL because I’ve played Ultimate Frisbee during high school; it was one of my favorite memories. Being a part of Ultimate Frisbee
Everyone on the team has the shared identity; which is Ultimate Frisbee. The reason people join Ultimate Frisbee is to make friends and play a pretty awesome sport. The girls on the team have different goals for schooling, but everyone has the same goal when it comes to Ultimate Frisbee: to learn, play and win tournaments. There is so many girls on the team (around 25 girls) that there have to be interdependent relationships.
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Forming is the first stage of the model; players the year beforehand decided who were going to be the captains and treasurer, so the mainly the forming is inviting girls to join the team. Once they get some new girls to join, they explain what the year is going to look like and how to play Ultimate Frisbee. The explaining and actual playing of Ultimate Frisbee takes a couple of weeks to adjust. The next stage is storming; the roles, which are cutters and handlers are decided by the captains and treasurer and since there is only two, it makes it easier to decide who will be who. There are some conflict/drama, but not a whole lot. Most of the conflict is people not showing up to practice and the winter practice …show more content…
Having two captains and a treasurer works best for the team, they make most of the important decisions for example: how practices are run. They set up the difficult parts of the group like explaining how Ultimate Frisbee is played, which helps newcomers understand what is to become of them throughout the year then, during games connections are being made between practice and a real game.
Informality is key in the team, not making practices formally, makes it easier to be teammates and to express opinions. If playing Ultimate Frisbee were formal, no one would be having fun and that’s what most people come to do/escape homework. Also being informal makes the complexity of the group easier to handle, anyone can express their opinion and concerns openly.
Overall the SOL Ultimate Frisbee team is very effective as a group, they fit most of the requirements of Tuckman’s model. Their transformative leaders help improve the player’s skill and knowledge of the game. Each player relies on each other to do their very best because their leaders are an example for

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