The Importance Of High School Athletes In Sports

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Most adults’ favorite memories are from their past years participating in sporting events throughout their high school careers. They may not have realized it at the time, but they created memories and friendships to last a lifetime. High school athletes of future generations could not have the opportunity to invent vivid, unforgettable memories and such close relationships as our older generations had the chance to do. Not only could our future students miss out on memories and fun, but they could lack the life skills which athletes gain from participating in sports. High schools should continue to offer sports to provide students with leadership skills, opportunities for community involvement, and college scholarships to prepare for a bright, …show more content…
Colleges can be very competitive in this generation and some are difficult to be accepted into. Students seek for as many activities as possible to put on their applications to colleges. Sports involvement is a great activity to have on one’s college application. Colleges automatically perceive the student as a successful, passionate leader. Universities crave this type of students to attend their schools, so they create scholarships to persuade students to attend. While students are playing on a sports team, they attract colleges to observe their skills and to determine if they meet the qualifications of college coaches. Students have the potential to earn thousands of dollars in scholarships through sporting events. This could inspire a lower class athlete to attend a college which they have dreamed of. Without sports, that athlete would not have the opportunity to accomplish his/her dreams for their …show more content…
Athletes spend a countless amount of hours with teammates and coaches. This forces bashful athletes to create social interactions with their peers, whereas they would not do so if they were not involved in sports. This can change the entire personality of the student in a positive way. They learn to socialize with people because they have similar interests and hobbies. Socialization leads to friendships and successes in the long run. In their future, students will recognize socializing with employees is very crucial to enjoying their job environment and leading to a successful

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