Importance Of Student Athletes Essay

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Being a student athlete is a wonderful thing in high school, despite a lot of people only acknowledge the athlete part and not the student part. I believe that academics come first and if a high school student wants to be an athlete, then getting good grades should be a requirement. It should be mandatory for teachers and coaches to check the grades of student athletes weekly to determine whether students are performing academically well or not. The students that aren’t doing well should be dismissed from any further games and practices until their grades improve. It is important that student athletes maintain good grades because the work that they put into their school performance carries with them through life, putting too much of an emphasis …show more content…
Academics and getting a proper education are far more important than participating in any sport. The reason why is because, if a student’s grades are not up to par, it does not matter how good of an athlete they are, the college of their dreams could turn them down. Even if students receive scholarship opportunity, they still have to meet grade point average requirements. Also, your grades and school performance follows you all through your life, even as an adult. If your GPA is low, then most likely you will have a hard time finding a good job as an adult. This is why it is important to encourage student athletes to maintain good grades and a high grade point …show more content…
No matter how good of a student a child seems to be, we have to remember that they are children and children need guidance. It is easy for a child to become distracted by “the hype” of the sport that they are playing. However, it is up to the parents and school staff to work together to make sure that students are performing to the best their academic ability. Parents and staff should remind high school students that being a good athlete does not help you graduate high school, but good grades and class credits do. It is impossible to have good grades and gain class credit if the student is failing. This is why parents and school staff should encourage student athletes to work hard on their studies, just as if they’d encourage them to play hard at a game. Last but not least, encouraging good grades help student athletes to lear how to prioritize. It is good for students to have a healthy balance of athletic activity and academic activity. For students who choose to participate in a sport, it balances their time between the sport and their schoolwork. Also it helps them to maintain their grades. Colleges love to see a well-rounded student that can balance the pressure from a heated game and the demanding work from school. This is why it is vital that parents and school staff encourage student athletes to keep up their grades just as they keep up

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