College Athletes Should Get Paid Essay

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College athletes are a part of some of the most hardworking students at a college. They put in lots of time and effort to do what they do. Student athletes are very strong individuals. They balance their grades in school, while maintaining good skill levels in their sports, and also balancing their personal lives and any other clubs that they are in. The problem we encounter today is that most athletes are dropping out and are struggling for financial reasons. Most athletes go to classes, and then straight to practice and then trying to go to a job while keeping time to themselves to study and to sleep. This has a huge effect on their bodies and can be very stressful. Students should get paid for playing sports in college beyond scholarships because it will help pay for more than just textbooks, it will potentially reduce bad behavioral issues, and it will reward the players for risking their bodies and taking extreme amounts of time to commit to playing. …show more content…
Some college athletes who get scholarships may only be going to that college because they got the scholarship. With this being said, some of the student athletes can’t afford the rest of their tuition. Most people will argue back and say that they could do work-study and get a job on campus. The problem with that is they won’t have enough time to get everything done. A typical day would be to go to classes, got to their job, and then go to their practice or game. Although this could vary order, it still takes up lots of time out of their day. This leaves very little time to study and to get sleep. This isn’t healthy for the athlete and could cause major health problems, risking their career in the sport and their ability to focus in school. If college student athletes got paid for playing sports, this would minimize a lot of stress and financial

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