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  • Personal Narrative: Disc Golf

    The most important memory of Disc Golf for myself is the first time I had experienced a round with my brother Dylan. Growing up as a child I had always admired Dylan and looked up to him as a role model. Any idea or activity that had popped into his would usually be pushed upon me for trial. He always seemed to introduce me to ravishing new music and movies but this time was different. The game was Disc Golf and when it was mentioned, my body language portrayed the excited emotions I was feeling inside. Not only was I excited for the game, but I got to enjoy time with Dylan which had been rare around that time frame. That day gave me a different perspective on the game of Disc Golf and how it can change one's life and relationships with others for the better. The air was mild…

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  • Disc Golf Game Analysis

    Disc golf has become increasingly popular leisure sport over the past twenty years. What started as a fad has quickly become a driving force in recreation sports. There is no denying that disc golf will continue to go in popularity among every age group. In addition, the sport has been gaining participants in large numbers. The Professional Disc Golf Association saw their active members of 20,587 in 2013 rise to 24,443 in 2014, an increase of 84% (Association). As more and more individuals of…

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  • Personal Narrative-My First Beach Golf Tournament

    Last year, I went to my first disc golf tournament ever at White Clay State Park in Newark, Delaware. I frantically practiced for about three weeks before. I started to work on different throws that would help me on some of the harder holes. There are many different throwing techniques, but I throw fore hand, thumbers, and backhand. I learned a different stance and grip for each. At the tournament, I came upon a hole that I needed to use all three throwing styles in order to get a reasonable…

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  • Frisbee Business Model

    Group Description SOL Ultimate Frisbee is the group that I’m apart of. This year I joined Eau Claire’s Women Ultimate Frisbee team (SOL), they are a fun group to be included in. I joined SOL because I’ve played Ultimate Frisbee during high school; it was one of my favorite memories. Being a part of Ultimate Frisbee Everyone on the team has the shared identity; which is Ultimate Frisbee. The reason people join Ultimate Frisbee is to make friends and play a pretty awesome sport. The girls on the…

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  • Essay Embarrassing Moment

    Nobody’s moment will compare to the one I had during my junior year golf season. I honestly wish I could just forget the experience, but I feel like it is engrained into my brain. It will definitely be a day I will not forget anytime soon. The day started off like any other high schooler’s day. I woke up dreading the school day and all the assignments I would be forced to complete. This day was different…

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  • Saddle Creek Drought Research Paper

    If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em. That is the stance that the Saddle Creek Golf Resort in Copperopolis is taking to embrace the drought. The ideal golf course has perfectly manicured grass that is as green as an Ireland hillside.But with water usage being highly monitored, and unnecessary outdoor watering being heavily scrutinized, Saddle Creek decided to roll with the punches and has decided that brown is beautiful. “I’ve been playing golf all my life and have been used to playing on very lush,…

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  • Practice Doesn T Make Perfect By Maria Konnikova

    The article, “Practice Doesn’t Make Perfect” by Maria Konnikova, believes and argues the opposite of what most people accept to be true, that practicing something can only get someone so far and that practice alone can never make someone perfect. Maria reported on her interview with a psychology teacher named Zach Hambrick who said he spent at least a thousand hours of practicing golf as a young adult hoping to make it to the PGA, but instead found himself not making the cut for his college golf…

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  • Scholar's Mate Analysis

    It’s the day of the tournament, and one of the participants is a genius player who has been taught since the age of three by his father, and homeschooled with Chess as a subject. He is confident, and begins the first match, but, to his dismay, the opponent has checkmated him within the first four moves. This sheltered Chess player has fallen victim to one of the most deadly cheap strategies, Scholar's Mate, and it cost him the tournament. However, if he had learned how to counter it, he would…

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  • Compare And Contrast Dexter And The Great Gatsby

    through college or finding something you love out of highschool we strive to become better. We have envy and jealousy towards the higher class. We think to ourselves how lucky they are. The american dream is education and work. Yes, education and work is available but that doesn 't necessarily result in being rich. Dexter in Winter Dreams by F. Scott Fitzgerald, wasn’t necessarily poor. His dad owning the second best grocery store he did have some money. But it wasn’t the best grocery…

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  • Golf Uniform Essay

    Guide to Golf Apparel Golf is a popular outdoor sport. The attire you are wearing while playing is part of the sport’s tradition and etiquette. Golfers try to dress as best as they can for the game. Hence, trendy and comfortable golf apparel is a usual sight in the golf course. Players looking and feeling good are more likely to deliver remarkable performance. Moreover, it allows them to experience fun and enjoyment. When deciding for the suitable golf wear, always consider the current weather…

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