Discalced Carmelites

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  • St. Teresa Research Paper

    Due to this reason, St. Teresa started to restore the life of Carmelite to its original observance of austerity, which was almost. Her reform required the nuns to live the prayerful life of penance (also known as “our vocation of reparation” for the sins of mankind as she said). On 24 August, 1562, with Pope Pius IV’s authorization, she opened the convent of Discalced Carmelite Nuns of the Primitive Rule of St. Joseph at Avila. In 1567, John Baptist Rossi, the General of the Carmelites, visited St. Teresa, directing her to found more convents and to establish monasteries. In the same year, she met a young Carmelite priest in Medina del Campo (Spain), Juan de Yepes, who she thought could initiate the Carmelite Reform. A year later, the first monastery of the Primitive Rule at Duruelo (Spain) was opened by…

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  • Edith Stein's Spiritual Journey

    beliefs with Thomism: the philosophical school regarding the works of St. Thomas. Moving on from the nuns’ school she began work at Catholic-Church affiliated Institute for Scientific Pedagogy in 1932. However, anti-semitic legislation forced her to resign just a year later. She was so afflicted by this discrimination she wrote to the Pope asking him to denounced the Nazi regime she was living under. This anti-Semitism would begin to affect her in more drastic ways as well, as she was a…

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  • The Catholic Reformation

    doctrinal. The spiritual type included the developmentive new orders. There were the Capuchin Franciscan monastics. They were much stricter with the poverty aspect because they felt the original Franciscans had lost touch with their original roots. They wanted to show the true face of the church. This group was pretty traditional because they really sought to get back to the original roots of the church. The Ursuline were named after St. Ursula when the Huns challenged her faith and she became…

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  • The Counter-Reformation Or The Catholic Revival: Response To The Protestant Reformation

    To resolve and stabilize the Catholic Church, they came up with reforms such as the foundation of seminaries for priest to have legitimate guidance in their spiritual life and to educate them on the traditions of the Church. Another objective discussed was religious order. Religious Orders at the time benefitted the church in so many ways. These orders put their time into helping the sick and needy in their local communities. Some of these orders include, Capuchins, Ursulines, Theatines,…

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  • Sor Juana Ines De La Cruz Analysis

    a nun because she felt it was the best place for her. Sor Juana lived during a period when women were given roles that were lower than men and were unable to change their position. Sor Juana wanting to be educated and did not want to get married she avoided anything that would interfere with her search for knowledge, so much so she decides to become a nun. Nothing could get in the way of Juana Ines if she was not married and she could focus more on her studies. In this way she can study and not…

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