Macroeconomic Factors Of Apple

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Apple Incorporated, founded by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne, is an international technology company based in Cupertino, California. Established April 1st 1976 as Apple Computers, Jobs, Wozniak and Wayne aimed to deliver personal computers to a mass audience (Richardson, 2008:online). However, Apple Computers shifted its focus from personal computers to consumer electronics, computer software and online services. This was reflected in their name change on January 9th 2007. Their products include the Iphone, IPod, IPad & IMac; products that are renowned and championed worldwide. Currently, Apple have stores in 16 countries, amassing 453 retail stores across the globe (DeAgonia, 2015:online). They are the world’s largest information technology company in terms of assets and the second largest in terms of revenue, second only to Samsung Electronics (Apple’s main competitor)(Chen, 2015:online). Apple is an innovative company with high customer loyalty. This mixture has ensured that Apple are a highly successful, growing company. Apple is a massive enterprise and therefore there are several macroeconomic factors affecting the …show more content…
This is important as Apple will not be as heavily impacted by negative press or word-of-mouth like another company may be. It is possible that for a lesser known company, adverse word-of-mouth or press could harm the sales of their products. However, due to the fact Apple is already well established, there will be less of an effect on the company. Furthermore, technology is now essential in everyday life; there is a constant necessity for consumer electronics and therefore Apple products will continue to sell. Apple’s customer loyalty has also ensured that customers are less likely to buy other products by their competitors, as many Apple customers will only wish to purchase Apple

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