The Pros And Cons Of Tax Reform

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Tax reform, dating back to before the inception of our great nation, has always been a topic of heated discussion. The apathy of a society towards the unfair taxation of its people was made known in 1775; when the shot heard around the world reverberated in the ears of their oppressor King George III. As a result of the issuing revolution in America, the constitution as amended to which we still follow today was written. After extensive research the Republic of District Four concluded that according to the GOP political platform the republican party’s pursuit of Tax reform is in keeping to true democracy and well within the bounds of a limited government. The basis of this argument is founded on the principles of limited government and the …show more content…
It was in 1854, after the presidential victory of Andrew Jackson, that the Whig Party and groups of abolitionists united as one to form a stronger Republican Party. The republican party consists of a group of representatives whose power in government is granted by the people; thus allowing for both the representation of minorities and allowing the citizens to dictate what is it they want from their government.
The Republican Party 's ideology for this upcoming presidential election is to focus on how well the government is keeping track on the usage of their budget. The Republicans want to establish a system of capping government spending. This sets a limit on how much government can spend and if that money is being used wisely. This system provides the beginning of restoring the United States financial economy, which will aid our national debt of over 19 trillion dollars today. The Republican Party wants to improve the federal workplace as well by improving working conditions, pay, and benefits. This improvement will provide the nation with the betterment of our economies finance. Following this improvement, the issue of the Social Security comes into play. By improving the workplace Social Security will become less of an issue due to Americans having good working conditions, which puts more money into our Social Security
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Loopholes in the tax code allows for individuals and corporations to pay only a small percentage of tax on earned income while most lower and middle class citizens pay an average of 21% to 25% in taxes. This equates to the average American citizen working the first four months of the year for free just to meet their income tax obligation at the end of the year. According to the plan proposed by the GOP candidate for 2016 presidential election Donald Trump, these important issue can be addressed in a couple ways. Reduce the corporate tax rate so that it becomes beneficial for large corporations to bring jobs back to america, and reduce the number of tax brackets from seven to three. This will ensure that most middle and lower class citizens have an income tax obligation of

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