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  • Mutant SOD1 And Pro-Apoptotic

    Some experiments were aimed at finding how SOD1 becomes pro-apoptotic (promoting programmed cell death) due to the fact that healthy SOD1 are against programmed cell death (Pasinelli et al. 2004). The pro-apoptotic characteristic of mutant SOD1 is demonstrated in vivo and in vitro. The mitochondria inside cells firmly control apoptosis, and the mutant SOD1 that aggregates inside mitochondria triggers the programmed cell death of motor neurons (Pasinelli et al. 2004). One experiment studied proteins that interact with mutant SOD1, specifically Bcl-2 which is anti-apoptotic, in order to explain the apoptotic nature of mutant SOD1 (Pasinelli et al. 2004). The methods that were used involve in vitro approaches and Western blot analysis. The outcomes were that mutant SOD1 and Bcl-2 interact with each other in vivo in the spinal cord, and they both together are pro-apoptotic (Pasinelli et al. 2004). In other words, Bcl-2 was an anti-apoptotic protein when standing alone, and when it directly interacted with mutant SOD1, the protein and the gene convert to pro-apoptosis, or in support of cell death; this could be due to a conformational change in Bcl-2.…

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  • Innate Immune System

    been associated with gut homeostasis and determining the severity of inflammation in IBD. Inflammasomes are a set of intracellular protein complexes that enable activation of inflammatory caspases that are responsible for the processing of the pro-inflammatory cytokines that help with the initiation of an adaptive immunity response. Inflammasomes are key regulators in the innate system. Inflammasomes complexes have been divided in the NLR family or PYHIN family. There are 22 NLR genes in the…

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  • Essay On Pancreas

    evaluate the pathogenesis of pancreatic toxicity induced by patulin exposure and the role of goji extract to eliminate its toxicity. It has been reported that the relationship of the endocrine–exocrine parts of the pancreas is a complex one because of the close anatomical and functional links. The impairment of the endocrine part of the pancreas has a marked effect upon its exocrine component. It was stated that islet hormones regulate acinar cell functions as they reach to them with portal…

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  • Parvovirus Research Paper

    entry of the endosome allowing phospholipase A2 to be synthesized and the virus to enter the cytoplasm (7). The next step in host cell infection is for the virus to enter the nucleus. In order for FPV to replicate inside the host cell, it must first gain access to the nucleus, which is guarded by the nuclear envelope. Evidence suggests that the virus enters the nucleus with its capsid protein still intact, so there must be a viral mechanism that breaks down the nuclear envelope. In their paper,…

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  • Essay On Majestic Winged Monarch Butterfly

    caterpillar to do this, then hang from the silk-like mat for a day in a j shape. The caterpillar sheds its last layer of skin between the shift from the larva stage to the pupa stage of metamorphosis. Under the last layer of skin, a jade green casing can be found. Inside this inch long jade green chrysalis, said caterpillar will stay until ready to be a butterfly. Soft and rippled is the brand new chrysalis. Within the hour the chrysalis will harden to protect the caterpillar while it…

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  • Relationship Between Surgical Procedure And Drug Administration: 4-5 Year Old Men

    which may be confirmed by western blot analysis and real time quantitative PCR [31]. 2.5. Estimation of Heart weight and Body Weight Ratio:-In each group we measured the weight of the body at first and then weight of the heart on the day of sacrifice. Body weight was measured by weighing it on measuring kit (gm).Heart weight was measured by keeping heart at first on ice cold pack and blotting it out heart with the tissue paper. After we sacrifice the mice, the heart tissues were washed three…

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  • The Complexity Of Biochemistry In The Human Body

    My research led me to read “Power, Sex and Suicide – Mitochondria and the Meaning of Life” by Lane. This gave me an insight into the field of evolutionary biochemistry. The way that free radical leakage from mitochondria could stimulate cell apoptosis via caspases intrigued me. At school, I was elected to be head of my school’s very active scientific society. I have to contact several scientists and invite them to talk at the school. To find speakers, I turned to the Chemistry Review where I…

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  • Zingerone Essay

    the appropriate primary anti-COX-2 and anti-β-actin antibodies (1:500; Cayman Chemical, Michigan, USA and BioVision, CA, USA, respectively) at 4°C. Subsequently, the membranes were washed thrice with TBS-T and incubated with horseradish peroxidise (HRP)-conjugated secondary antibody (1:10,000, Cell Signaling Technology Inc, MA, USA) for 2 h at room temperature. Reactions were revealed with the pierce™ enhanced chemiluminescence (ECL) substrate (Thermo Fisher Scientific, MA, USA). Densitometric…

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  • Baker's Yeast Lab Report

    Our results are in agreement with Ghoneum et al.(38) results, which showed that at the ratio of cancer cells to yeast (1 : 10) induced 21.4 % of dead cancer cells by making phagocytosis of yeast into the cancer cell and thereby induction of cancer cell apoptosis in a caspase independent mechanism. Earlier studies have been shown that breast cancer cells (BCCs) in a culture can phagocyte latex beads and fluorescent Matrigel. That study has confirmed the phagocytic activity by BCCs when using…

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  • Analysis Of SH-SY5Y Neuroblastoma Cell

    The tubes were incubated with antibodies for 30 min in dark at 4 °C. One ml of 1X PBS buffer is added to each tube and centrifuge at 1200 rpm for 5 min. The supernatant was discarded followed by the addition of 1 ml fixative (0.5% paraformaldehyde, Himedia, India) and were kept in dark and acquired immediately in order to collect the immunophenotypic data. Flow cytometry was performed on the BD FACSCantoTM flow analyzer (BD Biosciences) and data analyzed using BD FACS (v6.1.3) Diva software.…

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