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This retrospective histological and immunohistochemical study was designed to evaluate the pathogenesis of pancreatic toxicity induced by patulin exposure and the role of goji extract to eliminate its toxicity. It has been reported that the relationship of the endocrine–exocrine parts of the pancreas is a complex one because of the close anatomical and functional links. The impairment of the endocrine part of the pancreas has a marked effect upon its exocrine component. It was stated that islet hormones regulate acinar cell functions as they reach to them with portal vessel system from closed islets (20).
In this work patulin administration was associated with apoptotic changes in acinar and β cells. Light microscopic examination revealed pyknoti nuclei, cytoplasmic vacuoles and a significant increase in the number of caspase-3 positive cells in the acini and islets of Langerhans. Ultrastructural findings confirmed these results as the appearance of heterochromatic nuclei, apoptotic bodies and dilated RER cisternae in acinar cells. Most of β cells exhibited convolution of the cell membrane, electron dense cytoplasm, irregular heterochromatic nuclei and few secretory granules. These changes might be due to DNA damage secondary to lipid peroxidation, excess reactive oxygen species and glutathione depletion causing cell cycle arrest (8). In agreement with this hypothesis previous studies found that lipid peroxides react with Fe‏2 in the nucleus to generate the
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The use of goji extract could improve its toxic effects. The results in this study supported its use as a protective approach against the toxic effects of patulin. It is recommended to be added in the manufacture of apple juice and the other apple products. Future studies should be done to determine the potential ingredient of goji extract that has this protective

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