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  • Wilson Vs Aristotle

    The Founders of the United States, in their lists of dependable and confident political philosophers, frequently included Aristotle. Some of the Founders, especially, John Adams and James Wilson, often refer to Aristotle and show an admiration for his Politics. By the “rule of law”, Adams and the Founders did not comprehend the simple consistency or predictability of law and procedure (Pakaluk, Michael). He was recognized as the original source for many policies, mostly declared by the Founders.…

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  • Separation Of Power In The Uk Essay

    the UK, power and control over society is divided equally between three separate bodies. The separation of powers according to Montesquieu, a 18th Century philosopher, is made up of the Legislature (Parliament), the Government, and the Judiciary (judges) . The power is divided to prevent it becoming dangerously concentrated in the hands of one person or a small group of people . The Government is responsible for developing and implementing laws and is made up of the Prime Minister and…

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  • Judicial Decision Making

    do judges apply the law? This question has stimulated many theories about how far legal rules guide a judge when it comes to their foremost job: decision making. Does a judge simply just apply rules to the facts of the case? Of course, “the importance of rules as a basic building block of law can hardly be doubted,” but it is argued that judicial discretion can also be a powerful tool when it comes to making judgements within the law. There are differing schools of thought on how far a judge…

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  • Independent Judicial System

    rule of law and that means we have to have an independent judiciary, judges who can make decisions independent of the political winds that are blowing.” Caroline Kennedy, along with the founders of our nation, believes that to truly establish a just federal court system, we must create a branch of the government that is held accountable to the law and not the enticing-yet corrupted-motives of the public. While electing federal judges may appear to be the more “democratic” option that allows…

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  • Voices For Children Case Study

    are about 3,500 open cases of child abuse in San Diego County. These large numbers of foster children 's cases has overwhelmed the court system. Each child removed from their home will receive a hearing in court every 6 months. A juvenile court judge can have as many as 500 cases to oversee. Social workers may represent up to 25 children 's…

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  • Judicial Selection System Analysis

    The judicial selection systems in the United States are different all over the country. All fifty states have one of the basic patterns of selecting judges. There are partisan elections, nonpartisan elections, appointments, and appointments with retention election. Partisan elections, like the system we have in Texas currently works by each candidate having to run under a party affiliation. In a partisan election candidates first run in a primary election and it also incorporates…

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  • The Crucible Film Analysis

    of English colony known as New England where they were free to practice their religion and set up laws based off of their belief system (History.com Staff 2009). In the film, due to the methods that were used to punish people who did not assist the judges the way they saw fit in the witchcraft trials it appeared at first glance that the laws that govern this society were very strict. In real life, the laws indeed were so strict that even the slightest infraction such as private matters like…

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  • Right To Consequences For The Legalization Of Abortion

    murder is a crime that can be punishable by death. After hearing all of the arguments the Judges determined that the issue was so complex that there would need to be more time to think of the issue, so the further hearings were moved back to October. In October the judges dismissed and said they would have their decision in January. On Monday January 22, 1973 the decision was made (32). Supreme Court Judge, Justice Blackmun stepped forward to read the decision, ”A state…

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  • Children Should Be Tried As Adults Essay

    for wrong doings (National Report Series, 1999). Many states even have criteria that determine whether or not a case will be sent to criminal court or stay in juvenile court, completely removing the choice from judge (PBS Frontline, 2014). These criteria are used to prevent a judge from moving a case to criminal court because of a personal bias or precedents set by previous…

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  • Criminal Justice Class Reflection

    court, I think of strict plans, schedules, and rules. But, when I went to court, they started late for reasons unknown, they never said “all rise,” or “please be seated,” they never did any of the things that you usually see happen in a court. The judge went to lunch early because of a meeting she had to go to – so lunch was almost two hours in comparison to the ninety minute norm. Some of the public were on their phones and iPads (and not for news media purposes), and the public watching kept…

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