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  • Crime Vs Hate Crime

    Every country has its own laws and ways of dealing with crime. In the United States, we are used to the way our laws work and how the courts function. Other countries are used to the way their laws work, however, when you compare the U.S. with other countries there are many differences that are interesting to look at. Many countries struggle with certain crimes that we may not have a very big problem with. You could also face serious jail time in other countries where the U.S. may only give a…

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  • Supreme Court Judges

    The Selection of Supreme Court Justices and the Litmus Test The selection and appointment of US Supreme Court judges are important to the management of cases involving the laws of Congress and the Constitution. Therefore, this process is complex. Under the constitution, presidents have the power to “nominate justices, and, in doing so, they have employed several criteria at different times, including professional merit, ideological compatibility, and political support by the president and his…

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  • Political Advertising Essay

    Political advertising is comparable to other advertising in some ways, yet there are distinct differences as well. Political ads are similar to others forms of advertisements through the offering of products or services marketed to consumers/viewers. The political candidates are “packaged” and his/her sets of beliefs, values, and promises are sold to viewers, with hopes to secure their votes. However, there is a vast difference between political advertising and other forms of advertising in…

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  • The Crucible Film Analysis

    of English colony known as New England where they were free to practice their religion and set up laws based off of their belief system (History.com Staff 2009). In the film, due to the methods that were used to punish people who did not assist the judges the way they saw fit in the witchcraft trials it appeared at first glance that the laws that govern this society were very strict. In real life, the laws indeed were so strict that even the slightest infraction such as private matters like…

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  • Family Court Case Analysis

    they look at things a judge is a jury of one in the family court room the judge dominates the preceding in my world with his nurturing you with that scission like I 'm more comfortable with that and Family Court you don 't have the right to an attorney if you can 't afford one but…

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  • R V Brent Dreamer Case Study

    Court, where the defendant elected a trial by jury. The judge that heard the case in the District Court was Judge Boomer. The prosecutor accused Dreamer of unlawful stalking because of the instances described in his hearing, such as constant phone calls and visiting when his presence was unwanted. The act of stalking is committed when: the person follows the other person or waits outside their house of loiters around their work place…

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  • Fair Lending Case Summary

    Prior to the 1970s, discriminatory lending practices became hidden produces in central cities across the nation. The origins of fair lending litigation can be traced back to a 1976 redlining case in Oakley, Cincinnati. It was not until 1968, when the Fair Housing Act and other federal provisions regarding discrimination became law binding. A precedent regarding the application and interpretation of the anti-discrimination provisions was waiting to be set for local neighborhoods in the United…

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  • Juvenile Justice Case Study

    present their cases to a judge, one of the most notable difference though is that there is not a jury present, the fate of the prosecution will be decided by the judge alone. According to Linda Collier, the process begins with an adjudication or a hearing where the intake officer will decide if the child is a delinquent or not. According to David Hudson Jr., there are then four different routes that can be taken, the child could be sent back to their family or a judge could order that the…

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  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Common Law

    dependent on the doctrine of binding precedent. The term precedents refers to previously decided cases (Abbot,Pendleburry & Wardman, 2002) The term binding precedents is established due to the fact that judges always have an inclination to create laws; however it is not the function of any judge to do so, but instead to decide a case based on standing rules. In other words it lays a foundation…

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  • Difference Between Common Law And Civil Law

    To elaborate more, in an adversarial model, responsibility for gathering evidence rests with the parties – police and defense – and an independent evaluation of that evidence by a neutral judge is left to the trial. In an inquisitorial model, criminal investigation, at least in serious cases, is typically overseen by either an “independent” prosecutor or an examining magistrate (in France termed a “juge d’instruction”). The prosecutor or…

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