American Judges Duty

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America’s judges have a special obligation and duty. To be able to perform their job without letting their personal opinions affect their decision making. They are required to base their rulings on the facts presented to them in the hearing pertaining to the case, not around what they have decided is best for them in their personal lives. A judge must be able to be unbiased, knowledgeable on laws and statute and know how to properly apply law to circumstance. Just must live by the Canons, not only professionally but personally as well. When a person in the legal industry takes their oath, they are agreeing that their private lives are a reputation of the judicial and legal system and must be proper and just at all times.

Oddly enough,
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In the invitations the Koch brothers named dropped the justices. These are violations of Canon’s pertaining to American judges, but who is able to enforce these rules for the Supreme Justices. They have absolute power. But there have been complications in recent years. The development of the lobbyist systems have inserted “campaign contributions” to the careers of judges of America. Lobbyists have been developed to persuade the decisions of government officials. Because of certain lobbyists, judges have made rulings that are in the best interest of the corporation who pays them or the financial group or commodities group they represent. There is supposed to be no lending their name to fundraisers to benefit a political and/or personal cause. Of their own or anyone else’s.

Judicial officers should uphold the integrity and independence of the US judicial system. They should avoid impropriety and the impropriety of all their actions. They should perform duties impartially, fairly and diligently. They may engage in extrajudicial activities that are consistent with the obligations of the judicial office and all judges should refrain from political activity. These represent the canons of the United States governments as “rules” that the judges and judicial officers must hold themselves to professionally and in their personal lives as
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However in modern society, it is impossible to find a person who has not heard of certain prevalent cases. The media modern media is not regulated and allowed to share their opinion, not the basic facts of the story. This allows opinion to be inserted, and this leads to misinformation. This makes it virtually impossible for any person with access to a television, radio, the internet or any social circle to have these personal opinions presented as fact. And while not all people are smart enough to see the difference between fact and opinion, I am certain that these issues have caused problems in more than one person’s criminal case. U.S Supreme Court John Marshall Harlan was the voice for several famous Supreme Court decisions that made large differences in American society and medical research in American History. He was of the opinion that the court systems needed to find juries that were unbiased not jurors. Not everyone is America is a fair, rational and just

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