Tina Housers's Personal Differences: My Retength And My Strengths

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After rereading Tina Housers’ book and identified which principles were my strengths and my weaknesses, I took the time to carefully think over and pray about these four principles. The principles in the book that I found to be strengths of mine included: laughs and participates as a team player. The two principles I found in the book that I need to improve on were; pointing others to Jesus and administrates meetings efficiently. The first strength that I believe will help me once I begin my ministry is laughs. This is strength of mine because I work best whenever I am able to do work but have fun doing it at the same time. As a leader my hope would be to make the working environment enjoyable for the people. I would try to make sure that …show more content…
A leader who is able to show this type of support and trust in the volunteers will make the group even closer. But this does pose a risk for the leader like Houser said in her book, “the leader of the team may have to go to bat with the board…to defend an idea on behalf of the team.” As a volunteer it is a great feeling knowing that the person leading will stand up for you and your decisions. As a peer mentor at Huntington University for the ABLE program you have many responsibilities that all centers around helping them grow in all aspects of their life, so that they can contribute more to the society. But we are also given a lot of freedom about how we go about doing this. This is reassuring because it also shows us that they support our decisions about trying new ways to help these students grow. The first area that I need to work on is pointing others to Jesus. This leadership essential is definitely an area where I need to grow mainly because I have not really worked on it. Since leading children to Jesus is the whole idea of Children’s Ministry and that I now know this is a weakness of mine I believe that I will start working on making it a …show more content…
Laughing connects to my calling because one thing that I have learned by working with individuals especially kids with disabilities you need to just laugh with them. The main way I try to gain trust with kids is by engaging in activities that they enjoy doing. Once I gain their trust I believe that they will be more receptive to what I have to tell them. As a part of my calling being a team player is huge. If I ever do get a chance to fulfill my sense of calling to lead and ABLE Ministry, I want to make sure that I make every volunteer feels like they are contributing the success of the ministry.
My weaknesses connect mainly to my spiritual journey. Growing up I always felt like I had nothing to contribute when I got around adults. So this can lead to me sitting back and just listen to what is being talked about. So when it comes it administrating meetings I could find myself allowing people who are strong willed take over the meetings. I have already mentioned it but pointing others to Jesus is a weakness mostly because of my spiritual journey. I am not yet fully comfortable with my faith so I find it really hard for me to be able lead someone to

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