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  • Liberating Ministry Syndrome

    Summary In their book "Liberating Ministry from the Success Syndrome" authors Kent and Barbara Hughes offer insight to anyone currently involves with or contemplating involvement with church ministry. In the introduction, the husband and wife team tell a story of a pastor that gave into failure and left full-time ministry (Hughes 1987, 9-13). This confusion of success and failure in regards to ministry effects many every day. The team explains that they too almost fell victim to overwhelming feelings of failure in their ministry and their subsequent conquering of these feelings through the truth in God 's word. After defining the problem of how the secular world defines success in the first part of the book, the remainder of the book is broken down into three main sections: success, encouragement, and helps. The first section discusses success, more specifically what success is, from God 's point of view. In this part, the authors list the definitions of success in ministry. Concepts such as faithfulness, serving, prayer, holiness, and attitude receive individual chapters designed to explore the topic from a biblical standpoint. The next section contains what the authors deem as the best encouragements for ministry. Again, the authors show their readers the scriptural…

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  • Summary: It's A Challenge Youth Ministry

    I decided to write my agency paper over It’s a challenge youth ministry here in Brownwood, Texas. The ministry is held in a little white church in the center of Sunset Terrance, the heart of every low income family. The ministry is a non-profit organization that has a board of directors based out of Coggin Avenue Baptist church that funds the ministry. Each year the ministry is given a certain amount of money to spend towards camp fees each summer and their annual Christmas party to buy gifts…

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  • Formulaic Theories In Orthodoxy Theology And Ministry

    In Orthodoxy theology and ministry are inseparable. Theology is not simply a formulaic doctrine or belief that is written down only for comprehension, but rather it is the genuine revelation from God Himself that is expressed in the ministry. Without the proper understanding of the truth in regards to the disease in this world, how could one prescribe any medication or seek any form of healing? In the same manner how could one hold onto a precious treasurer and not apply it to heal those who are…

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  • My Personal Strengths Inventory In Ministry

    One facet of connectedness means identifying a mentor or mentors to help guide you through your ministry. Personally, I can’t think of any person in ministry that rose to their current position, without a mentor to guide them. A mentor can help you to use your strengths to your advantage, and to help you to identify your weaknesses. This is one way that I have used by strength of connected-ness to help identify my unique position within ministry. When I fail to succeed at a task or pro-ject, I…

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  • Essay On Wk2 Ministry Practice

    Wk2 Ministry Practice Paper The three topics that I have chosen to formulate an MAP (Ministry Action Plan) for future ministry are Effective Evangelism, Planning of Worship Services, and Visitation and the Ministry. The evangelism ministry base its purpose on the Word found in Pro. 11:30 (KJV) “The fruit of the righteous is a tree of life; and he that winneth souls is wise”. The ministry views its goals as actions to facilitate learning and practices of discipleship. Jesus Christ is our primary…

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  • Jesus And His Ministry Essay

    Gospels recorded information about Jesus, His life and His ministry. This curiosity lead them to finding three main outside sources, Pagan sources, Jewish sources, and second- and third-century sources, that scholars have scrutinized to see if they contain information about Jesus that is not portrayed in the Gospels. Unfortunately, none of these outside sources provide much detail about Jesus and his ministry, however, some of them do mention Jesus. For example, one Pagan source does not even…

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  • Four Differences And Similarities In Divergent Vs. 1984

    There are many similarities in Divergent and 1984. Both stories are based on different factions , communism, and supreme government power. Divergent is all about factions. A faction in divergent is a group that you are put with based on your personality and skill set. This is very similar to the different ministries in 1984. In divergent you have five different factions. Amity is the peaceful faction they hate war and violence and view it as the root of all evil. Candor is the honest group…

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  • My Visit To First Galilee Missionary Baptist Church

    There are hundreds of churches in Fresno County, and when it came time for me to choose one for my church visit and interview; I really didn’t know where to start. So when I got an invitation on Facebook, from one of my girlfriends inviting me to her husband Ministry Ceremony, I was happy my choices had been narrowed down to one church. My church visit was to be at First Galilee Missionary Baptist Church, on Sunday, September 18, 2016. The reason for my friend’s invitation was there was going to…

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  • Impact Of Social Media On Evangelism

    according to Nils Smith, social media is the most popular activity on the internet. This twenty-first century phenomenon is a great opportunity for churches to capitalize on this innovative technology using it as a ministry tool for evangelism. Thousands of people use social media daily, but sadly according to Aaron Earls only “40 percent of Protestant churches in America still are not using any social networking tools.” In fact, evangelism in general seems to be no longer a huge priority…

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  • Ministry: The Philosophy Of Doing Pastoral Ministry

    Philosophy Of Doing Pastoral Ministry Church Revitalization Church Revitalization is the process of renewing the passion and desire of a stagnate or declining church to grow. True revitalization can only be achieved through prayer and guidance of the Holy Spirit. It is best to make modifications and/or changes that are led by the Lord. Revitalization can be achieved by introducing a sense of urgency to a congregation. It should be noted that revitalization is a process not a program; therefore…

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