My Leadership Strengths And Weaknesses

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Throughout this semester, the most useful lesson I learned was from doing this self-assessment, which assisted in having a clearer understanding of who I am and who I will become. More importantly, they allowed me to better understand my own strengths and weaknesses, and how to better develop them. This understanding is essential to me as a future practitioner in the events industry. In this essay, I will discuss my own leadership style as “pacesetting” based on the self-assessment result proposed by Daniel Goleman (2000). I will first discuss my leadership strengths (e.g., time management) and weaknesses (e.g., lack of negotiation skills) retrieved from the self-assessment and my daily life. Secondly, I will critique on and reflect upon …show more content…
For example, I always get the desired results for the group assignments. Ultimately, having these traits indicate that I have high interpersonal relationship leadership style. However, the tutorial in week 11 forced me to question why I cannot negotiate and say no to the others, which are also characteristics of the interpersonal relationship. Therefore, some of my interpersonal relationship skills need further development to become my strengths.
Having looked at my personal leadership strengths and weaknesses in reference to leadership theories and literature, I saw that my strengths are conscientiousness, honesty and integrity, finishing work on time, and interpersonal relationship skills. On the other hand, I discovered my leadership weaknesses are telling what people should do instead of asking them, not focusing on individuals and lack of negotiation skills. This result has forced me to be more critical of myself, even some of the strengths and weaknesses I had never been aware of
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If I agree to whatever the partners asked me to do, the organisation might suffer a financial loss. Also, the events industry is highly competitive, innovative and creative, which requires the leaders to make respond to potential threats and opportunities immediately. My weakness of not accepting other’s opinion can become an obstacle to my personal and organisational success because my team may have better corresponding solutions than mine. On the other hand, my weakness of not focusing on individual can cause resignation of team members, and a festival cannot run with any individual leaving the

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