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  • Summary Of Minority Languages: Chimariko

    Minority Languages: Chimariko All over the world many minority languages are struggling for their existence. At one point in time there was believed to be at least 200,000 languages. Now, there are only 6,909 languages left and even those languages aren’t safe from becoming extinct. Thanks to linguists from all over the world, we have an Ethnologue that keeps track of the vitality of all the different languages. When using the Ethnologue I researched the group of the Chimariko tribe and their language. The Chimariko tribe was one of the smallest tribes to live in the Americas. In 1849 the estimated population of the Chimariko’s was 250. The Chimariko lived up in northwestern California along the twenty-mile stretch of the Trinity River. The…

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  • Diversity In Schools

    Ladson-Billings writes that culturally relevant teaching is much more in depth than just adapting school culture to the culture of the students. In reality, it can also be used to help the students understand their own culture and to help them interpret and conceptualize knowledge (Ladson-Billings, 1992). For this to work and be effective, minority cultures must be acknowledged as a vital strength and asset instead of just adapting the white Caucasian to fit the needs of all minorities…

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  • Howard Gardner's Testing It Using Language Minority Students

    there is still no known answer of a properly worked-through set of tests to identify and measure the different intelligences of all humans. (infed) (Lynn Gilman) Wechsler scales and the Stanford-Binet are two tests of intelligence whereby both instruments are psychometrically sound, but Gardner believes that these tests are only able to measure linguistic and logical/mathematical intelligences, with a narrow focus within content in those domains. According to Gardner, the current psychometric…

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  • Reflective Essay: Gender Differences

    I am from a small town in Georgia called Albany where the population is majority African-American, as I grew up I became very used to being in the minority. At the time, I had no idea of the differences between people in regards to races. I had no understanding of the fact that only one out of every ten people in Albany were even Caucasian like myself. I saw everyone around me as the same, because I had not been taught a difference. Unlike with race, I did understand the differences in gender…

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  • Summary: Racial Discrimination In Canada

    Canadian citizens see countless cultures and ethnicities around them no matter where they live. The country is so rich in culture it is a wonder why native-born white Canadians are continuing to keep such negative thoughts hidden, only to come out when they have the power to accept or turn away a visible minority. Research by Esses et al. (2007) has shown that White Canadians are often uncomfortable around visible minorities and would rather be around people of their own ethnic group. This is…

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  • The Effects Of Media, Community Media And Participatory Culture

    within the particular historical, cultural and political circumstances of each society, and in relation to the specific characteristics of each minority as it interacts with the dominant hegemonic majority and the other minorities (Adoni,…

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  • Essay On Visible Minorities In Canada

    For immigrants who are visible minorities in Canada, the experiences their children go through may be more indicative of the long-term potential for economic and social integration of the minority group in Canadian civilization. Although, research on attitudes of majority reveals that Canadians have somewhat favourable attitudes towards immigration, racial minorities experience significant amount of discrimination compared to the whites in Canada: “35.9 percent [of visible minorities] reported…

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  • Racial Discrimination In Canada

    accessible proof shows that a significant extent of Canada 's ethnic minority population and a substantial size of the white population see discrimination in the criminal equity framework. These general perceptions are bolstered by information that demonstrate that certain racial minority groups, mainly native and dark Canadians, are terribly overrepresented in Canada 's medical establishments. The additional proof shows that racial discrimination exists in the organization of Canadian criminal…

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  • Police Service Model

    The applicants were asked about perceptions of occupational roles, career aspirations, and obstacles to more recruitment of minorities. Results of the questionnaires made apparent that all applicants had good intention for joining the police service. Many chose service, job stability, and career development opportunities. Nonetheless, Ethnic and racial minority recruitment remain to be consistently low (Holdaway, 1991). Two decades after the British home office report, there is only a minor 1%…

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  • Is Tv Too White Analysis

    Is TV Too White? Visible minorities make up less than 30% of all those who appear in the top 100 films of 2014, according to University of Southern California’s Annenberg School of Communication (Smith et al). A number which is too low to represent the diversity of multicultural countries such as Canada, United States, Australia, etc. When asked what are the difficulties of working in the entertainment industry, amateur actors from various backgrounds mostly mention the complicated task of…

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