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  • Minority Influence On Minorities

    One person has little influence on a larger group, which can mean strangers feel that they are unable to influence others. The social cost of holding a view that is different from that of the majority is relatively high, this means minorities often hold their views more strongly. Sometimes this is unavoidable, this can mean that minorities stay with their opinions which makes their viewpoint seem stronger. This can become a problem because if minorities never take the chance to change the majority 's thinking there would be no social change. When society adopts a new belief or way of behaving based on the idea that, if an individual is exposed to a persuasive argument under certain conditions, they may change their views to match those of the minority. In this respect, power of numbers is important – the majority have the power to reward and punish with approval and disapproval. And because of this there is pressure on minorities to conform. Moscovici (1969) showed that people would conform to an incorrect answer from a minority, as long as they were consistent in their…

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  • The Influence Of Minorities In Television

    The cast in most popular television programs are all white, while leaving out the minorities. When popular white based shows do show a minority on screen it is important on how they are portrayed. Television is seen by a wide range of audiences and when television gives us an inaccurate ideas of minorities, it may impact viewers indirectly. Watching the television programs called, Seinfeld and 2 Broke Girls made me noticed how the portrayals of minorities have changed over times. As well, they…

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  • African American Influence On Minorities

    many non-minorities have become friends with minorities. We have elected a president of color, adopted babies across races, married interracially and pledged that we would uphold Dr. King’s dream yet we continue to judge…

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  • Summary: The Influence Of Technology On Minority Education

    Access to technology for low-income and ethnic minority students will improve their academic abilities and achievements. Using technology in classrooms would allow students use different computer programs and even look up information on their phones. In a study performed by Qualcomm Incorporated, low-income students were given smart phones and “test scores increased 30%” because technology gave them “the access to information and the ability to collaborate with peers” (Barseghian). By having…

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  • Broadway Controversy: The Influence Of Minorities On Broadway

    Minorities on Broadway have come a long way since the late 1800s. This Broadway season, diversity is front and center whether it is on stage or in the audience. “About 80 percent of Broadway ticket-buyers are white, according to the Broadway League, but the percentages of black, Hispanic and Asian theatergoers have all risen significantly over the last decade; the League’s program to increase the Hispanic audience size, called Viva Broadway, is chaired by Mr. Miranda’s father, the political…

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  • Minorities In Special Education

    Zhang, Katsiyannis, Ju and Roberts (2014) found the representation of minorities has not changed enough to see a well-rounded representation of ethnicities in special education. More so, the authors have seen a reduction in students of African descent with Intellectual Disabilities (ID). This is not surprising, as diagnosis of ID in students with African descent cannot occur. The reduction comes from the lack of ability to label students rather than the diagnosis being more culturally…

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  • Is Tv Too White Analysis

    Is TV Too White? Visible minorities make up less than 30% of all those who appear in the top 100 films of 2014, according to University of Southern California’s Annenberg School of Communication (Smith et al). A number which is too low to represent the diversity of multicultural countries such as Canada, United States, Australia, etc. When asked what are the difficulties of working in the entertainment industry, amateur actors from various backgrounds mostly mention the complicated task of…

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  • Diversity In Schools

    Ladson-Billings writes that culturally relevant teaching is much more in depth than just adapting school culture to the culture of the students. In reality, it can also be used to help the students understand their own culture and to help them interpret and conceptualize knowledge (Ladson-Billings, 1992). For this to work and be effective, minority cultures must be acknowledged as a vital strength and asset instead of just adapting the white Caucasian to fit the needs of all minorities…

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  • Arnett's Theory Of Emerging Adulthood

    Phinney used longitudinal studies of narrative development to measure ethnic identity in 128 first-year college students. Due to their cultural formation “young people from American ethnic minority backgrounds… have additional challenges and strengths that influence the point at which they attain adulthood”. For example, “minority young people… value close and interdependent relationships with their family more strongly than do European American youth” (p.117). Thus, most minorities reach…

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  • Racism And Stereotypes In Para Teresa By Ines Hernandez-Avila

    being a teacher’s pet, and trying to rebel. Ines Hernandez talks about how after all those years, the student getting bullied considers the bully a sister, and after standing up to her she’s over it. It’s described in the poem why the student tries so hard in school, and what she gets out of it. The poem takes place in 1947 at an elementary school called the Alamo, I’m assuming it’s mixed with Mexicans and Whites. The minority thinks they have to act a certain way and there is one student…

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