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  • The Minotaur And The Human Heart

    The minotaur representing the human and animal side in each of us means that each of us has a good side and bad side. Perhaps you seen it in the new. A thought to be normal kid just a little quiet grows up to become a killer and a cannibal. The killer, cannibal side of him was the animal in him that showed itself. Not everyone shows their animal side. Most of us are pretty good at taming the beast inside. Perhaps that is what the minotaur had trouble with. When he was a baby it has been said that he was breast fed until his mother could not provide the nourishment to satisfy him. Then his animal side came out and he could no longer control himself. It was said that the minotaur became ferocious and monstrous. If he could not get the nourishment…

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  • My Father's Minotaur: A Short Story

    There he was, amidst those whose fate was so tragic my heart ached. He was entering the castle I knew and loved. My father allowed those who were going into the maze one final feast. The house was decorated with flowers and ribbons hanging from the ceilings accompanied by delicacies the chefs prepared only this time of year. I hated this time of year, the time when innocent civilians were sacrificed for my father 's Minotaur. It always seemed like the angel of death was lurking through the…

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  • The Symbolism Of The Minotaur In Greek Labology

    In Greek mythology, the Minotaur was a unique creature. The Minotaur has the head of a bull and the body of a human being. He was imprisonment in the famous maze known as the Labyrinth, designed by the legendary architect Daedalus and his son Icarus. This monster became a symbol of the dominance of Crete to Athens. Pasiphae King Minos wife in love with this bull she maintained relationship with him and gave birth to the Minotaur, The King thought he can maintain this beast to be tamed told him…

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  • A Comparison Of Theseus And The Minotaur In Plato's Phaedo

    Theseus and the Minotaur is alluded to near the start of Plato’s Phaedo by the character Phaedo (58 B-C) to initiate a parallel between the µῦθος itself and the teachings of the character Socrates in the pages that follow. As the discussion between Socrates and his companions continues up until his death, this parallel becomes ever more clear, and by the end of the Phaedo it is reasonable to interpret the µῦθος as an analogy for the transition from life to death, where Socrates is counterpart to…

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  • Centar Vs. The Minotaur: An Ancient Greek Myth

    Mythology is the backbone of ancient Greece. Why is it so important to millions of people? Well, myths contain hundreds of different gods and goddesses, heroes and immortals. It gives the people something to think about and admire. All of them having their unique story and attributes. The reason why these stories intrigue so many people is because all of them are different, and usually are pretty crazy and intense. My mythological creatures are the Minotaur and the Centaur, both with very…

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  • My Last Letter To My Father Oedipus

    Athens were not safe and my father’s demands were becoming too much for them. My father built a great palace for us. It was beautiful and it had everything someone could ever ask for. But, inside the palace, he built a Labyrinth and at the center he kept a horrible and terrifying monster named Minotaur. The Minotaur was half man and half animal. The Minotaur was savage, strong and huge. He would only eat the flesh of the human that were brought from the Athens as tributes to my father. The…

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  • Minoan Labyrinth In Greek Culture

    Greek Mythology can be seen as the merging of human beliefs, imagination, artistic convention and perceptions of divinity. The most interesting and perhaps one of the very few enigmas from the past that continues to blur the lines between reality and mythology is the Minoan Labyrinth at Knossos. A structure so ingenious and elaborate that it went down in history and mythology. The Labyrinth is symbolic a tale of eternal love, deceitful men and vengeful gods – the legend of the Minotaur and goes…

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  • Young Heracles Character Analysis

    Young Heracles When the young Heracles was born, he was named Hunter Hercules Hoffman. He was born in New York City in 2001 and is now 15. He is in football, basketball, baseball, is in track, plays hockey, and also lacrosse At the end of the month Hunter is going to go to Greece. He gets to go to see Mt. Olympus, and something he doesn't expect. By this time he is in Greece he just stopped at what is supposed to be the start of Mt. Olympus. Then something drops in his hands. It was a knot…

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  • Theseus The King: Play Analysis

    on the myth of him and the Minotaur. I feel like this is a good myth for a tragedy because there is a small number of characters at play, chiefly Theseus, his father Aegeus, the Minotaur itself, King Minos’s daughter Ariadne, and Daedalus who helps Theseus defeat the labyrinth. This small character list would fit the need for only three actors. I also think this particular myth has a lot of the features needed for a Greek tragedy as there is the needed feminine and masculine elements with…

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  • Man Of Constant Sorrow Movie Analysis

    The labyrinth was an unnavigable stronghold where prisoners were led in only to be trapped with the Minotaur with no chance of escape. After quitea long period of this a hero, Theseus the son of the king of Athens, claimed he would destroy the beast and end the slaying of the tributes. As the legend goes, Theseus brought a ball of twine intothe labyrinth with him to unravel, giving him a path to follow after fighting the Minotaur. In boththese events he was victorious and was able to sail home,…

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