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  • How Music Affects A Person's Life

    model as early as the age of three. Some Children will choose their mom or dad, some will choose Superman or Batman, and then you have some kids like me who choose a singer such as Miranda Lambert and Carrie Underwood to be their role models. When we begin to look for role models, we look for specific aspects and traits that we admire in that person. We strive to be like our role models. Little boys who may look up to someone such as Spider Man want to be able to shoot webs from their hands and climb buildings to catch the bad guys, whereas I would rather be have a role model or role models who are just as badass but are more relatable. I remember the first time I heard Miranda Lambert on the radio, it was mid october and I was helping my mom make bacon and potato chowder. As soon as I heard her song “Kerosene” I knew she was going to be an important part of my life. Throughout my childhood I began listening to more and more of Lambert 's songs along with some of Carrie Underwood 's, I knew I wanted to be a strong and independent woman just like them. When I would listen to her songs “White Liar” and “Gunpowder and Lead” I knew that I was never going to allow a guy to walk all over me, similar to the way I have seen guys walk all over my friends and family. You could even say that by listening to Lamberts song I became stronger person both mentally and emotionally. Over the past decade researchers have discovered that when choosing music we seem to steer towards music…

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  • Miranda Lambert Research Paper

    Miranda Lambert is finally letting go of one part of Blake Shelton that she had held onto. These two split a while ago, and Miranda immediately moved out of Oklahoma and got rid of her businesses there. Miranda had a bed and breakfast and a store called The Pink Pistol, but she closed down both. Now E! Online is sharing that Miranda Lambert is selling her home in Nashville that she shared with Blake at one time. Miranda got the 11,000 square-foot Tennessee mansion in their divorce, but now she…

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  • Miranda Lambert Persuasive Speech

    Miranda Lambert is under close scrutiny after her divorce from Blake Shelton. The accomplished singer has been silent about her feelings around the divorce, but she opened up on Saturday night to the fans at a concert Detroit Lakes, Minnesota. According to UPI news on Monday, the entertainer joked she deserves a drink following news of her divorce from Blake Shelton. She added that she wished she would have been “drinking all day.” Miranda Lambert’s quote from stage had fans raising their glass…

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  • Narrative Essay: Bob And Miranda's Divorce

    Bob and Miranda are best friends. They have been friends for a long time. They met when they were in the 6th grade and have been best friends ever since. They live in the busy and crowded city or New York. Busy streets and lots of tall buildings. “Let’s go shopping!” bubbled miranda “Okay,” exclaimed Bob with excitement. Miranda has been very happy ever since Bobs divorce one year ago. Bob wanted the divorce. Susan was a person who got jealous easily. She said it’s either me or Miranda Susan,…

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  • August Pullman

    there is a choice to a kind or right, choose kind.” He also started a plague if you got touched by Auggie you would have the plague. He only had two friends for a long time. Until Halloween, everyone was fine with him, and he heard Jack talk about him to some of his friends. He was devastated and went home sick. That was the end of Auggie’s chapter and his sister Via’s chapter begins. She thought Auggie was like the sun and everyone else was planets orbiting around him. She says that she gets…

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  • Acscan Case Study Assignment

    Explain arguments made by each of these people Cliff O’Conner ➢ Believes that a new product needs to be produced in order to bring sales back to top numbers. ➢ Believes that with some new features added to the iScanner, that the company will be able to bring their numbers back up to the highest for the year because of the previous success rate of the original product Pat Lambert ➢ Believes that outsourcing may be helpful in producing the product and getting in…

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  • The Devil Wears Prada Analysis

    Meryl Streep’s The Devil Wears Prada, is a very criticized film regarding feminism, fashion, and health. Which are the most important aspects in being editor-in-chief of a fashion magazine (as depicted by the film). The Devil Wears Prada painfully breaks down what it is like to be centerfold and thrusted into the middle of the high-fashion world (as a person with no idea about fashion). Many of these biases are articulated through the book the movie was based off, The Devil Wears Prada by Lauren…

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  • The Devil Wears Prada

    Andrea’s inner conflict of character while working for Miranda gives a peek into various aspects of human nature. She ends up compromising her relationships with everyone important to her including her best friend, boyfriend and family and is forced to reconsider her moral values . The progression of character has peen potrayed beautifully. Apart from Andrea, Miranda’s character as the ‘Devil’ has been potrayed so beautifuly and in accordance to her tantrums and whims, some of which instrcuted…

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  • Text That Shaped My Life

    As the movie showed, the chief editor of a high fashion magazine Miranda Priestly was a woman of high competence. Her magazine was regarded as a fashion guide and she was known as a fashion authority. However, many people have an ill feeling on her because her life was an opposite to her career. She divorced many times because no men could tolerate her power. At first I thought she was an emotionless working machine. However, the dragon lady showed her soft part at the end of the movie: Miranda…

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  • Durango 7 D-Pod Swot Analysis

    combative stance before walking into the restroom off of camera view. As Inmate Sedillo, Francechi, and Mendez are coming in and out of camera view, (S7) Hardwick, Ronnel T316768 is seen looking into the restroom, and then actively begins to shove an Inmate standing near the door in an attempt to go and help out Francechi and Mendez. I read Inmate Sedillo his Miranda rights from a standard Issue MCSO Miranda Rights card. I asked if he understood his rights, and he replied, “Yes.” I asked if…

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