Four Differences And Similarities In Divergent Vs. 1984

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There are many similarities in Divergent and 1984. Both stories are based on different factions , communism, and supreme government power. Divergent is all about factions. A faction in divergent is a group that you are put with based on your personality and skill set. This is very similar to the different ministries in 1984. In divergent you have five different factions. Amity is the peaceful faction they hate war and violence and view it as the root of all evil. Candor is the honest group they cannot tell a lie even if it will get them into trouble. They are taught at a young age not to lie and to always speak their minds. They usually end up becoming lawyers. Dauntless is the brave group. They train their bodies to fight and use weapons. There big ideals are having freedom from fear and they achieve this by doing near death activities to get them used to fear. The Erudites are the most intelligent faction. They blame all things bad with the world on the ignorance of human beings. There goal …show more content…
Beatrice in divergent does not fit into a faction , she fits into all of them , she has qualities of every faction so the government does not like her. She hides her true identity from the government and goes against it to try and break the government 's hold on the people. In the end Beatrice breaks the reign of the government after they turn the dauntless people into mind controlled soldiers , and break the factions free from the government’s hold. This story of the people overthrowing the government is not true in the case of 1984. In 1984 Winston’s struggles to break the hold of big brother on the people are not successful. He himself is successful in getting away from the grasp of big brother with the help of Julia . Winston and Julia go off into the country to escape big brothers eye. There they talk about stuff and have sex alot. 1984 ends with big brother still in

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