Theme Of Freedom In 1984

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More Security, Less Freedom
George Orwell’s dystopian book, 1984, is a step into the future, along with many side effects. This includes the people of Oceania, where the book takes place, and their security that comes with a price of their freedom. Winston is the main character in this novel and tries to ignore the fact, at first, that he doesn 't believe in Big Brother. While Winston is on his journey to freedom he comes across Julia, his beloved soul mate, and together they rebel against the Party. With many acts of rebellion the couple soon gets caught and their love and freedom of individuality is put on the line. The whole purpose of imprisoning them was so that Winston and Julia would turn against each other and force them to start a new chapter - to become an ordinary citizen of Oceania. The model of a perfect citizen is someone who is worshipful to Big Brother but at the same time infuriated with the thought of Emmanuel Goldstein, the enemy of Big Brother. While researching about how freedom is affected by security, it helped prove that it’s a major
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The idea that the lack of freedom will cause better safety by a totalitarian government will be what controls the state. Orwell’s book is a futuristic novel that has a true reality of a messed up future. Having the government in control will be a good start to keeping crime down but at the same time, sooner or later, the government will begin to enjoy having power. The Thought Police had engraved the idea of patriotism towards Big Brother and hating the traitor, Emmanuel Goldstein. By doing this the people think they’re secure from the outside world and will live without stress. Creating new words and beliefs will make the past disappear and the future unrecognizable. This is why freedom being tied to security is a main factor in the book

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