Restrictions Of A Totalitarian Society In 1984 By George Orwell

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“Restrictions of a Totalitarian Society” What if our government kept complete control over our society and how we live our everyday lives? What if I told you that’s how it is today? In 1949, author George Orwell wrote a dystopian science-fictional novel about how the future of our society will be ran by a government who prevents all individualism on a private land known as Oceania. The fictitious idea of “Big Brother” is always watching you allows the party to preserve idea of ignorance with the people. This prevents the people from acknowledging their thoughts and how they perceived the past. Within 1984, Orwell displays how a futuristic society compares to a totalitarian society through the restrictions of the inner party by programs of individualism, a loss of privacy, and how the freedom of the people is minimized. A totalitarian society is a system of dictatorial changes in which the society is focused on the fixed ideas of the government’s control. Orwell illustrated how …show more content…
3), is the typical phrase that the people of Oceania are constantly being told. Having the thought of someone or something constantly watching your everyday actions is sort of perplexing to the human self-confidence. This general theme of privacy invasion within this novel is most prevalent throughout a lot of the chapters. Surveillance is particularly found everywhere within Oceania. Telescreens are placed outside amongst the cities and inside the homes of the people in Oceania. A telescreen, a two-way screen used for surveillance, is used as a monitoring tool for the inner party to prevent any of the outer party from envisioning the past and the general scheme of the government’s actions. The inner party has developed a well thorough knowledge on how to manipulate the people of Oceania with control by using power. The government tries to gain power over the people by altering the minds of the commonality within Oceania. From the novel, Orwell

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