What Is The Similarities Between 1984 And Brave New World

1984, by George Orwell is about a futuristic Utopian society in which the government controls every aspect of their citizens lives. Whereas in Brave New World, by Aldous Huxley, he writes about a society that is also controlled completely by their government, but with much more leeway. Through reading these books, it is much easier to visualize Brave New World as a society that that has the possibility of flourishing, even if everything they do is monitored. It is a society that most people would rather live in because they want to feel happiness, and freedom. In both books the reader can really witness how society and a controlling government can mess with a person 's sanity, and their entire life. Both governments end up controlling their …show more content…
From the beginning of the book it is clear to the reader that Winston despises Big Brother and wants nothing to do with them (Orwell 19). Winston tries to find a way to look at the past and remember what happened before the government tried to change everything (Orwell 64). Winston believed he was different because he was the only one who believed that the government was changing his life, for what he believed was for the worst (Orwell 6). Everyday was the same routine for Winston. Going to work and being watched was no stranger to him, but he started to feel pressured and crazy when one day he was put into the society’s prison (Orwell 185). There, someone who he thought was a friend, started to torture him (Orwell 197). Winston 's so called friend was one of the head leaders in the government (Orwell 197). O’Brien, who was the friend, decided to torture Winston into believing in the government ways and understanding that Big Brother is there to stay (Orwell 199). George Orwell displays the way the government affects people in a very cruel and dark way. Orwell has the reader imagine that they must be tortured and punished for not believing in the same things as their authority. Orwell portrays torture to be something good and necessary to make someone listen and cooperate with you. In the end, the main focus of 1984 would be that having power to just have power is the main form of control. When you compare this to Brave New World the reader can notice that Aldous Huxley has a more laid back, but controlled society. No one is tortured in this world, but they are given drugs and special treatments as children to not be intrigued by anything else but happiness (Huxley 21). The government doesn’t really want people to be too smart in this world so when they are kids, they are made to be disgusted by flowers and books (Huxley 21). They are made to do so by

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