1984 Winston And Julia Character Analysis

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Elliott Larson
Novel Assignment #1 - Julia and Winston

In 1984 by George Orwell, we are shown how individuals with some incredible contrasting traits fall deeply dependent to each other in love. They share a common ground: they are both secret rebels of the brainwashing force that is Big brother. They unanimously hate the regime controlling their life, but their ways of rebellion against the party can differ greatly. By looking at their physical being, their ethical and moral groundings and which aspects of humanity they each represent in the novel, we can see how these two opposing characters form together into an unbreakable bond.

Winston and julia represent different levels of awakening in regards to the nature and tactics of the party.
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At this point we can see that a solid, distinguishable bond had formed, uniting them. They both know that “The best thing for us” would be to abandon the room and never meet again” before its too late” (p. 209). Julia agrees with what winston is saying but what she choses to do is surpassing. She is concerned above all else with self preservation and gratification. She had no interest in the parties corruptness except “where it touched upon her own life” (p. 165). She rejoices that her first ‘lover’ (love affair) killed himself before he could betray her. Naturally there is no pity for the dead man, simply relief that her own skin was saved. Yet now she condemns that skin to guaranteed torture rather than leave Winston. Julia’s becomes the guiding force in love, teaching and raising Winston by example to her own standard of unconditional allegiance. Will he follow uncontrollably in her illustrious …show more content…
Suddenly, when asked “You are prepared, the two of you, to separate and never see one another again?” Julie speaks, crying “No!” (218), and with that her love is greater than the man’s. Her refusal is instinctive and immediate compared to Winston's labored pause, pointing to an evident conflicting between powerful competing desires: The desirable prospect of overthrowing the regime of madness that is Big brother versus living a life of happiness and blissful union with julia. Does winston hate big brother more than he lives Julia?

Upon hearing julia, he knows that words to voice: “‘No,’ he said finally” (p. 219), without and exclamation mark. Where Winston thinks, Julia feels.

Julia and Winston are equal opposites. They're varying moral and ethical groundings complement each other. Anti-intellectual julia attaches to Winston's driving emotional and contemplative forces. Ultimately creating a suicide pact between them, these two people, both stiffed by the governing hand of Big Brother, add to each others driving forces and form an unbreakable bond of love in a world where doing so has been made

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