Essay On Mental Status Assessment

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Assessment Report: MAST and the Mental Status Examination A counselor that is meeting with a client should consider the use of assessments. Assessments can be an extremely useful tool. However, the counselor should consider the client’s cultural background and how if the assessment is appropriate to use. During an aspiring counselor’s journey in fieldwork, one may have to use assessments that could benefit the client. An aspiring counselor may use an assessment to assist him or her with determining an appropriate treatment for the client.
Working with Katie The counselor worked with a client that was charged with the possession of marijuana and having false identification in her wallet. For confidentiality purposes, the counseling intern will call her Katie for confidential
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The mental status examination allowed the client to also learn a little more about the counselor. After a less structured version of a mental status evaluation, the client seemed to be less anxious. If the counselor was the client receiving the mental status exam, one would be feeling calm as long as the counselor shows unconditional regard. If it was not for the mental health examination during the evaluation, the counselor may not have believed that the client had an issue with substance use.
The limitations of the assessments. In conclusion, there are a couple of limitations that a counselor should pay attention to. The counselor may recognize that sometimes a client may answer the question on the MAST in a way that he or she thinks that will prevent them from negative consequences. When the evaluation was completed, it was determined that Katie had to receive classes for a couple of months to meet court requirements. Another limitation is that there seems to be a lack of research about the cultural backgrounds that are most appropriate to use the assessment

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