Mental Illness Essay

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Mental illness is a disease that affects an individual’s mood, thought process, and the behavior. Mental illness is a disease that many people have but are never willing to admit or talk about. People need to realize that they have a problem and get it taken care of just like any other problem they have ever had. Most people that are living with a mental illness have a chemical imbalance in their brain which is causing them to have an altered mental state. The stigma associated with mental illness is unhealthy for those who are truly affected by this disease and the public needs to be willing to talk about it. Once mental illness becomes a topic that every one has no problem talking about then the world should see a positive outcome. Mental …show more content…
We have got to get more people to go to a counselor so they can discuss their issue. They can even talk to a close family member if they are willing. Friends and family members need to express their care for the person that has the mental illness so that the person knows they can talk to that person whenever they feel like they need to. Friends and family members also need to ask the person if they are seeking help in a respectful way. If they are not seeking help we need to encourage them to seek the help that they need. People that have mental illnesses need to talk about their problems daily. No matter what the problem is you need to release the emotions that you have. The more you talk about your problems, the better you will feel.
People have got to stop shaming people that have a real mental illness. People always say “it’s just in your head”. It is not just in their head. They have a real problem and should be treated with respect instead of told that they are just “crazy.” Talk to them or encourage them to talk to a counselor so they can discuss their problems. If they do not voice how they feel, they will feel alone and begin to get depressed, which can lead to more problems and possibly
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The more people talk about their problems, the more comfortable they will become with their problem. If they feel like they will be made fun of or talked badly about, they will continue to not speak about it and only get worse. A mental disorder is the number one risk factor of suicide. Some studies state that the numbers of people that commit suicide, whether diagnosed or undiagnosed with a mental illness, is at an upwards of ninety percent. Suicide worldwide is considered to be the number one cause of death for humans ages 15 to 44. People should be encouraged to talk instead of being ashamed about it. Family and friends may not even know what the person is experiencing if they do not talk. If the person has a support system, they are less likely to commit

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