Mental Illness In Schools Essay

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When the term mental illness is used, it might bring to mind someone violent and unstable, someone like Norman Bates from the film Psycho who will fit the image of insanity. Mental illness can sound scary, but it 's more common than people think and comes in many different shapes and forms. It is not something that is regularly discussed, nor is it a topic most people are properly educated on. However, if schools were to teach about mental disorders, it could help a lot. Offering education about mental health in schools could help erase stigma and enable more people to reach out for help.
The stigma surrounding mental illness can have harmful effects. Stereotypes and prejudices can cause mentally ill people to face discrimination, with the
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Depression, for example, is a very misunderstood illness. A survey of Tarrant County by Mental Health Connection in 2004 found that 60% of adults believe depression can be cured by “pulling yourself together”(“Mental illness and stigma”). This kind of attitude can be harmful to depressed individuals. It can make them blame themselves or feel too ashamed to get help. But if there were more awareness on exactly what depression is, people would be more sympathetic to those afflicted with it. Depression isn 't the fault of someone who has it. It is a brain disorder that they can 't control and it, along with many other mental illnesses, can be fatal if left untreated. This is why education on mental health is so important. Along with helping young people recognize symptoms in themselves, it can also help prevent suicide. The third leading cause of death for young people from ages 10 to 24 is suicide, and it doesn’t have to be that way. Suicide is a very difficult topic, one that doesn’t receive much attention or conversation. People can feel bad about having suicidal thoughts or they might not even know how to tell someone. However, if it were easier to talk about mental illness, it would also be easier for people to seek help if they start thinking of suicide. The place to start for this is educating young

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