Persuasive Speech Outline For Mental Illness

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Topic: Stigma of Mental Illness
Thesis Statement: My goal is to go past the stigma of mental illness that our community has. This is a problem that I think I can solve with each of us just doing a small action
I. Introduction
A. Attention material: Have you ever felt worthless and unimportant? I have and about ¼ of the population of America has too (NAMI).
B. Credibility material: I have gone through the ups and downs of mental illness more than once. Even to the point of almost killing myself.
C. Tie to the audience: This is important not just to me but you too. If ¼ americans have a mental illness that gives you a 25% chance of knowing someone with a mental illness (NAMI).
D. Thesis/Preview: My goal is to go past the stigma of mental illness that our community has. This is a
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“Despite effective treatment, there are long delays- sometimes decades- between the first appearance of symptoms and when people get help” (NAMI). ii.”Stigma harms people with mental illness in three ways: Label avoidance, blocked life goals, and self-stigma” (Corrigan 31). 2. Development of how this cause can be overcome -- leading to the solution a. How the cause is being handled currently
i. Currently there are groups trying to deal with the stigma of mental illness like The Semicolon Project, To Write Love on Her Arms, and the National Alliance on Mental Illness. b. How this current condition is inadequate
i. Even Though there are groups dedicated to the reactivation of the stigma of mental illness, it is still present in today 's society.
(Transition into main point 3)
C. Main point #3 (Statement of solution) There is not just one solution that will solve this stigma, but their is something that will help the solution progress.
1. (Description of solution ) The main thing is to know what a mental illness is and where to go to get help.
a. (How solution fits problem) What causes this stigma is from people not understanding what a mental illness is. b.

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