Dealing With Mental Illness

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Mental health is among one of the most important health issues that get swept under the rug. Some people may prefer to just not talk about it because they may see it as a taboo subject or they may be afraid of being degraded because they themselves or a loved on seeks treatment or medicine for the illness or they don’t see it as something trivial people should be dealing with and said person will retort to things such as “Get over it” or “You could have it worse”. The latter are people who have never dealt with mental illness or they just don’t understand it and this is why I think many people should be informed about general mental so it can spread awareness and commoners will be more motivated to help others struggling with their mental health. …show more content…
One of the signs is when the person is express their desire to take their own lives, expressing their lack of purpose in life and many other signs. When the individual needs to do when they see the warning is to listen, talk about their problems, be sympathetic, offer hope,take it seriously, and do not leave a suicidal person alone. Saying anything that makes their irrational thought invalid and thus pushing them further to suicide because these people already feel like a burden to life and to their family. Some people don 't know how to cope with their depression or their mental illness. Some other people find their life overwhelming and the might fear people judging them so they see the only way out if to suicide. Not only friends and family and can save a life but also schools can too. As stated by Rubenstein "The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that suicide is the third leading cause of death among youth ages 10-24" Some of the symptoms of suicidalness in teenagers are mood changes, losing interesting in things they use to enjoy, and being absorbed in thoughts of death or wishing that they were dead. After the said person confessed about their suicidal thoughts or if they said that they are considering planning their suicide get them help. Try to get them to consult a psychologist or if they are the parent they should seek help within their school or community mental health

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