Substance Abuse Counselor: A Case Study

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A substance abuse counselor is in place to encourage and support clients who are addicted to alcohol and drugs. When alcohol and drug abuse client come to an agency to receive treatment, as a counselor it’s important that to encourage the client to receive the help to that the client can be rehabilitated. There are four core function of a counselor that will be discussed in this paper is client education, case management, crisis intervention, and referral. Each of these functions allows the counselor to assist the client to help them overcome their addiction.
Discussion of Findings
Counselor’s use client education to help educate the client about alcohol and drugs abuse and what it does to them. The counselor provides the client
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Counselors in this process should be able to identify and implement a rapid response to dealing with a client when he or she is having a crisis. As stated in the, The 12 Core Functions of the Substance Abuse Counselor “IC and RC defines crisis intervention as those services which responds to an alcohol and/or other drugs abuser’s need during acute emotional and/or physical distress” (Herdman, 2013). It’s Important as a counselor they see to it that when a client is facing some issues within their life that may hinder the client’s rehabilitation, the counselor must intervene rapidly to provide a service that will help. Herdman states “The core function of crisis intervention, however, relates to a counselor’s services to their client when there likely been some precipitating event to shifts the client from the usual state of conflict or crisis to an intense state of acute distress” (2013). To prevent any relapse of a client’s rehabilitation process, the counselor it ensures that the problem is taken care of in order to fulfill the duties of the counselor, the agency, and the treatment …show more content…
Client education provides the information to the client that would educate the client about alcohol and drug abuse. Case management helps the counselor to provide outside sources to the client that will help with meeting the goals that have been set. Crisis intervention if for the rapid response to the client and a crisis that may be happening. Referral are used when an agency is unable to meet the needs of the client and to refer the client to agency or resources that will help. Each of four core function help the counselor help the client in the best way possible, to implement a treatment plan that will help the client overcome the abuse of alcohol or drugs. The core functions not only help the counselor to be efficient in the service that is provided, but also to ensure that the needs of the client are put first so the counselor can implement the proper treatment plan for the

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