Limitations Of Motivational Interviewing

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Register to read the introduction… In addition, motivational interviewing can be used as a stand alone therapy (Mason, 2009). Another interesting facet of motivational interviewing is the fact that the client is entirely responsible for opening up and working through their ambivalence and their continuous progress. The counselor helps by getting the client to examine both the pros and cons of changing or not changing their behavior. The next interesting facet is that the counselor informs the client of the various approaches/treatments available and allows the client to decide which approach or treatment he or she will use. The counselor goes alone with the clients choice because it is believed that the client will learn even from bad decision and those decisions will help in the future. In addiction, the writer found the following motivational counseling strategies very helpful: 1) Looking back and looking forward 2) Good things and less good …show more content…
I feel that motivational therapy will work very well with this population because the teenagers behavior are usually the result of their surroundings, a traumatic event or lack of attachment/love from their family members. Teenagers usually use anger or act out in ways that will draw negative attention when experiencing a problem they are unable to handle along. In addition, teenagers usually are rebellious when given advice by an adult authority figure. Knowing the above I feel motivational interviewing would be a major key in helping a child change their behavior. In addition, I feel strongly about the benefits of using motivational interviewing because the therapy can be integrated with other therapies or used as a stand along therapy. Moreover, motivational interviewing gets the teenager to argue for a change in their behavior by exploring their ambivalence. Furthermore, motivational interviewing encourages the counselor to use affirmations which is something that most likely is missing from the teenager’s life. I also feel that motivational interviewing will be helpful when counseling a wide range of

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