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  • Stress And Mindfulness

    How to Relieve Stress With Mindfulness Are you sometimes stressed? Worrying about trivial things? Anxious about any outcomes? Feeling uptight at home or at work? Restless, sleepless, fatigued? Is your mind chattering too much? Do you know how to truly relax and find inner peace? If you are like 100 million Americans that according to surveys are stressed daily or weekly, stress is an issue that can take a toll on your mental and physical health. Occasional stress can be a good thing, but it is not natural for the mind-body when it is prolonged accompanied by induced hormones. The negative reactions associated with long-term exposure to stress are too numerous to mention. Worse even than lack of exercise, a poor diet or environment. Modern…

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  • Definition Of Mindfulness

    Mindfulness (n.): Awareness that arises through paying attention, on purpose, in the present moment, non-judgmentally. This is the definition according to Jon Kabat-Zinn. This definition, although quite descriptive as to what mindfulness embodies, may not mean a whole lot to someone who has never experienced mindfulness. This is because understanding what mindfulness truly is and then living life in a mindful manner is quite challenging and takes plenty of practice. Throughout my relatively…

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  • The Importance Of Mindfulness In Music

    Mindfulness is the instinctive condition of our judgment: paying attention, being circumspect, non-overcritical, relaxed, and opened. Mindfulness enable us to be aware of our present moment and environment, and enables us to assimilate from our experience and gaining the strength of letting go our regrets and reflection of the past, and our worries about the future. We usher in awareness to our experience in the current moment. A research study done by (Mrazek et al., 2012) stated that ‘‘when…

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  • Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy Case Study

    Another version of MBIs is the practice of Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) which was desined specifically for treating those suffering from borderline personality disorder (BPD). BPD is characterized by unstable emotive and cognitive processes—symptoms that mindfulness training largely targets. DBT is highly effective in treating these clients and “…has been shown to reduce self-mutilation and suicidal behavior in chronically suicidal patients with borderline personality disorder [and]…

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  • The Importance Of Theatre As An Art Form

    This scale is concentrated on the presence or absence of attention to and awareness of what is actually occurring in the present moment, as opposed to on elements comparable to acceptance, gratitude, or other numerous notions that have been associated with mindfulness. Scientist desired to establish the validity of this scale through test that examined if the model differentiates persons engaged in the advancement of mindfulness from others, and the results showed The MAAS was related to other…

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  • Peace Is Every Step Analysis

    In the second part of Thich Hanh’s book, Peace is Every Step, he discusses the methods of transformation and healing. He touches upon the aspect of feelings and how we should go about to heal ourselves and understand others on a deeper level. The three main aspects he describes are dealing with anger, understanding and recognizing differences in others, and community. Thus, overall theme of part two is being mindful about our feelings while also being sensitive to other’s feelings around us, as…

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  • Mindful Of Our Life In Today's Mind, By Dennis Piero Ferrucci

    Today’s technology is so progressive it imprisonments a person’s mind beyond belief. To genuinely understand this, we have to be mindful of the technology at our disposal in today’s world. Nevertheless, we don’t even have to go down to the lobby in Fox Hall to find out when the next Riverhawk shuttle is coming, we can effortlessly access an app to track where the buses are to see when they will arrive. Today’s world is so enormous people to be mindful of the rapid rate of growth in our world is…

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  • The Importance Of The Mindless Autopilot

    If you are anything like me then probably have some drawn up conclusion that it’s something that it involves doing yoga while saying “om” in a dark room in total silence. I found that during my recent life-changing intervention, mindfulness can be something as simple as going to the park to read and awaken my senses to live in the moment, enjoy the contrasting colors of the flowers, the smell of spring allergies in the air, the relaxing sound of the wind whistling across the tree branches, or…

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  • Mindfulness Awareness

    Mindfulness is the ability to direct attention to present experiences, in the moment, with an open mind, kindness, and curiosity (West, 2016). The process is intended to assist people in reducing anxiety, worries, and negative ruminations by encouraging rational thoughts and discouraging impulsivity. In an article written by Timothy Davis (2014), he discussed how mindfulness can be utilized in the classroom setting in order to enable students to “process a broader range of information and have a…

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  • Mindfulness Poverty

    through an exploration of mindfulness curriculum. The social-emotional stresses of poverty are thoroughly documented, analyses show that poverty-related stress is directly related to anxious/depressed symptoms and social problems and interact with prior symptoms, contributing to worsening symptoms for delinquency, attention problems, somatic complaints, and anxious/depressed symptoms (Santiago, Wadsworth, & Stump, 2011, p. 218). Neuroscience confirms that, “In terms of…

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