Mindful Of Our Life In Today's Mind, By Dennis Piero Ferrucci

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Today’s technology is so progressive it imprisonments a person’s mind beyond belief. To genuinely understand this, we have to be mindful of the technology at our disposal in today’s world. Nevertheless, we don’t even have to go down to the lobby in Fox Hall to find out when the next Riverhawk shuttle is coming, we can effortlessly access an app to track where the buses are to see when they will arrive. Today’s world is so enormous people to be mindful of the rapid rate of growth in our world is undergoing with all the technological developments. We approach defining the idea of mindfulness by defining it as aware of the situation at hand, being purposeful, conscious, without judgement. Piero Ferrucci defined mindfulness as taking in the past, future, and present and combining all of them to be aware of situations at hand. Ferrucci thinks humans need to be more mindful as he says “We have not paid enough attention to what I all around us, and to the consequences of what we are doing to it.” (Ferrucci, 104) Us as humans need to be sensible of how technology has molded our lives for better or for worse. One practice that was conducted was writing down three elements you’re appreciative for before you go to bed. Dennis …show more content…
The man’s family was very worried for him, they didn’t know what to do. After trying numerous ways to cure him a man asked to be alone with him and he will fix his problem. The man regained his memory but was upset because of all the thoughts now captivating his mind. Ferrucci goes on to say how memories can “nourish and strengthen us” (Ferrucci, 95). We gain memories all the time from just watching a video online even, memories are all around us and they are a beautiful thing. Technology allows us to save these memories by letting us take pictures or videos to have these memories for

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