The Importance Of Being Mindful

Today’s technology is so progressive it imprisonments a person’s mind beyond belief. To genuinely understand this, we have to be mindful of the technology at our disposal in today’s world. Nevertheless, we don’t even have to go down to the lobby in Fox Hall to find out when the next Riverhawk shuttle is coming, we can effortlessly access an app to track where the buses are to see when they will arrive. Today’s world is so enormous people to be mindful of the rapid rate of growth in our world is undergoing with all the technological developments. We approach defining the idea of mindfulness by defining it as aware of the situation at hand, being purposeful, conscious, without judgement. Piero Ferrucci defined mindfulness as taking in the past, future, and present and combining all of them to be aware of situations at hand. Ferrucci thinks humans need to be more mindful as he says “We have not paid enough attention to what I all around us, and to the consequences of what we are doing to it.” (Ferrucci, 104) Us as humans need to be sensible of how technology …show more content…
Louis C.K thinks it’s imperative for people just to be themselves and not always resort to their phones by saying “you need to have the ability to just be yourself and not be doing something” (Louis C.K). When you have that alone feeling you are more capable to experience your emotions. Louis C.K mentioned how one time he was driving in the car, then suddenly a memory was activated and he felt very wretched from the memory. Louis reached for his phone but backed out and decided just to experience his emotion of sorrow. Louis defined this moment as “a beautiful thing” (Louis C.K). Emotions are very particular, they should always be experienced even if it’s the feeling of dissatisfaction and mortification after failing your first business exam in Ms. Moynihan’s Business 101

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