Personal Narrative: How To Live A Healthier Life

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Seeing a repetitive occurrence of somewhat poor health conditions within my family honestly shocked me to the point that it now motivates me to have a decent perspective on how to live a healthier lifestyle. While doing a family tree, I’ve discovered the common health complications that my family usually suffers from is high blood pressure, lung and heart disease. While having a conversation with my parents over the phone, I’ve discovered that most of these health issues could have been prevented if some family members were to take better care of themselves. For instance, my grandfather was committed to the awful lifestyle of smoking cigarettes which eventually led him to have bad lungs that gave him the disease. My grandmother was one to stress …show more content…
Before, I’ve never paid that much attention to how important my social, emotional, environmental, and spiritual health played a huge part into my life. Now that I have a more constructed idea on what’s important to me and what isn’t in my day by day routines, I plan on eliminating any negativity that may approaches me so that I can live a more happier, care-free agenda. I have also came to the understanding that my Physical health is a huge priority on the counts of living a happier life. I now have to listen to my body when there is something wrong and try to make different changes if I feel slightly Ill and not just ignore these symptoms and pretend like there isn’t anything wrong at all. My mental health is a major key as well. I need to be more open to loving and responsible relationships and try to decrease behaviors that will cause problems. For instance, on the topics of anger that I cannot control at times, I’m aware that I do not think before I talk which leads to my unconscious opinions being unfiltered and verbally delivers messages that can lead me into a lot of trouble and possibly hurt feelings

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