Personal Narrative: Keeping The Weight Off For Good

Keeping the Weight Off For Good
It has always been a struggle after you have become over weight to lose the weight and keep the weight off for good. I personally am a living witness once being thirty pounds overweight. In my personal experience I lost the weight, but still struggle to keep the weight off, I keep putting it back on. After maintaining a low calorie diet, and remaining active I continue to struggle to maintain my ideal figure. Studies have shown that majority of people that lost a lot of weight gain it beck back, even after following dieticians’, and doctors’ orders. Studies have found that when you lose weight your metabolism slows, and you become hungrier then you were before trying to lose the weight (Kolata).
The battle with
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It is what you eat, as well as how much you consume I have found that eating lean meat, poultry, fish, whole grain bread, and brown rice are all foods to eat to prevent over eating, try and stay away from the white foods. These particular foods make you feel full longer, also paying close attentions to portions (Hope). According to Nanci, Heimlich in USA Today, downsizing on plates, bowls, glasses, and silverware eliminates over eating. In addition, create a time frame in when you consume meals. This give you a sense of control over the situation. In a study performed by “researchers at the Sauk Institute for Biological Studies in San Diego “(qtd. In Gretchen Reynolds) consist of mice eating unhealthy, and high fattening foods during an eight hour time frame. Versus, other mice eating the same foods whenever they wanted. In result, the mice that had eaten on a time frame gained the least weight and didn’t have any symptoms of metabolic problems. Although, these methods were only performed on mice, I have personally found this method to …show more content…
Choosing the correct foods would be foods that make you feel full longer and doesn’t digest easy. In a study performed using five different diet methods, but allowing participants to consume as much as they can eat. More efficient was found to be the diet that contained foods that make you feel fuller longer. Dieticians realize “that calorie-counting methods Britons have favored for two decades are wrong”. After performing several studies it has been found that eating unlimited of the correct foods is the most efficient way to lose the weight, and keep it off for good (Jenny Hope).
In conclusion losing weight isn’t something that your body will agree with. Medically your body will reject the new decision you have made, and it will insist on you over eating. To feed those fat cells; fat cells don’t disappear after you’ve lost the weight, they continue to sit in your body like a sponge, just waiting for you to over eat once again. Using your motivational skills, and being determined, and strong mined will give you better weight loss results then than following diets, and doctors’

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