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  • Personal Narrative: My Life In Art And Design

    Through this trajectory of learning to be … while making and doing… I have always been more attached to the effort of trying to meet the needs of the artist as a person. I have learned that the art can survive only as long as the artist does… and my life in art and design began by serving those vulnerable creative communities who were tenacious enough to withstand the colonial legacy of destruction followed by our own apathy and indifference towards homegrown talent. I took a decision NOT to…

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  • Personal Narrative: The Challenges That Changed My Life

    The things about challenges are overcoming them, and telling your friends and family about what you faced, in my case the challenge I faced changed the way I think about beautiful things, and about my life. How can something so beautiful be so treacherous? I was so happy enjoying my day, but within seconds…pure joy turned into fear. It was a beautiful day spent at schliterbahn, but hours being in the same placed bored me. I asked my brother for permission to go to the island, since it meant just…

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  • Personal Narrative: The Fear That Changed My Life

    Sometimes I wonder what people are afraid of. When I talk about it with my friends I always get plain answers like: "spiders, dogs or my mother". It is a bit different when I think about my own fears. The last couple of months I think I am afraid of probably anything. The simplest thing that scares me is the ocean. Not the water itself but the fear of the unknown beneath me. Having nothing to hold on to, or to jump on if something would happen, or the fear of being pulled down. I always think…

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  • Personal Narrative: The Story Of My Life

    Your life is the story of your existence. Each story is different, but they all contain the same variables. These include birth, growth, change, and death. Anything else is based on both your decisions and the decisions of the people around you. My life follows the same rule, although, I am typing out my story for you to read while your life will remain to be much of a mystery. Like most, my life starts with birth which, for me, occurred on December 5th, 2001 in the small town of Florence, SC…

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  • Personal Narrative: Life Is Hard

    I made it a mission to do everything that I could do to make it in life. I learned at a young age that I was on my own. I defended me since no one else would. I still got to defend for myself even now because I got no one. I know I seem like I know everything and that I got everything under control but…

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  • Personal Essay: My Life Of Hriday Sheth

    corner of this enormously distributed earth. Concrete existence of life through all these million years of our primitive brothers have confirmed fixed prospects of survival and resource-availabilty in the world. This clearly indicates that all of our basic needs are similar to one another. They include, finding food, shelter and clothing which is genetically hardwired into our instincts and comes naturally to all of us. But, on a personal view there exists name, identity, character, religion,…

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  • Personal Narrative: The Paths Of My Life

    The paths of life often lead to different directs, the path to take is up to an individual. These paths can be positive or negative and can potentially lead to good or bad. Over the past five years I have found meaning and purpose to my life. I have chosen many paths that have been positive for building myself in the past five years. The evolution of my life can be described by many theories. Many roles, such as family, culture, gender, race, and religion have help to guide my…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: My Change In My Life

    I sat on the cliff and looked at the hills in front of me. I wondered how my life had changed so drastically in the past six years. Did I have any regrets? Maybe a few, sitting there and thinking all about it all over again I only wanted a breeze of happiness to blow through my life. Few words left unsaid and a friendship left in shambles. I wondered if I could have done anything differently which would have led me to be in a different situation, these thoughts took me back in time where it all…

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  • Personal Narrative: How Suicide Changed My Life

    I personally, am not scared of my own death. I can die today and I would be okay with how I lived my life so far. It has not been the most exciting life so far, but I have a family who I love and friends that I care for with all my heart. So thinking about my own death is not something that keeps me up at night. Honestly, like what Stuart talked about in class I too have had moments in my life where I have thought of my own death. I have never had suicide ideations, but I do think about how…

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  • Personal Narrative: My 18 Years Of My Life

    Over the course of one’s lifetime, One typically transforms throughout the years as they are presented with new life situations and new varieties of people that help shape them into a better person. Throughout my 18 years of life, I have without a doubt changed for the better, and I am still transforming daily. It all started whenever I was in kindergarten, developmentally being a year or two behind the other kids because of my late birthday, I had to work harder to comprehend things due to the…

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