Expectations In Christopher Anthony's Song Of Shibutanis

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Flying across the ice, the two time U.S. gold medalists Alex and Maia Shibutani danced their hearts out to Paradise by Coldplay only to lose their third gold medal at the National Figure Skating Championships. Their dance and song choice touched the lives of people all around the world, but wasn’t enough to hold their own against the skaters to come. Although the title was the lost, the words to the Shibutanis song of choice speaks volumes. Songwriter Christopher Anthony pulls at the string’s of the listeners hearts with his whimsical lines, “When she was just a girl she expected the world. But it flew away from her reach and the bullets catch in her teeth”, that truly gives the reader the interpretation of expectations. Like Anthony, Daniel …show more content…
Many people in society believe that people with disabilities whether it be physical or mental are incapable of accomplishing certain tasks. “A large part of the mobility limitation experienced by visually impaired people derives for the script of disability that sighted society insists upon” (2). Sight-impaired people are constantly being pushed into a box of dependency, whether they need assistance or not, a disabled person is not limited by his or her disability. Society though believes that impaired people and children are limited and incredibly dependent, and if we continue to believe things such as this, then it will become a reality for disabled people everywhere. “Most of us, including the parents and teachers of sight-impaired children, believe that blindness means dependency and highly limited mobility, then this will be the reality for blind children and adults”(2). Society's expectations have such a hindrance on a person that a child or person with disabilities in modern times must disregard all expectations to truly accomplish their potentials. “The way that the child or young person thinks about his or her capabilities and talents is itself a key element in determining the level of performance that he or she will

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