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  • How Did Douhet Change The Nature Of War

    A key example comes from General Giulio Douhet who intensively believed that the development of the aircraft would change the nature of war forever, “it [made it] possible to go far behind the fortified lines of defense without first breaking through them”. He made it very clear in his book The Command of the air that he strongly believed that having a powerful air force would ultimately win you the war, as airstrikes were indefensible. Herman Göring, the leader of the German Luftwaffe strongly used Douhet’s theories in his planning of the airstrikes which went along with the Nazi Blitzkrieg that decimated most of Western Europe. In this essay I will illustrate that the strategies that were formulated by Douhet and used by generals such as Göring were for the most part unsuccessful, as clearly seen in the Battle of Britain, I will show that although the nature of war was changed by the use of airplanes, war can not be won by the use of an air…

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  • How Hitler Lost The War

    How Hitler Lost the War On September 1st 1939 Adolf Hitler changed the course of history forever by starting World War II when he invaded Poland. Then on April 30th 1945 this man that shocked the world with his actions committed suicide in his safety bunker. Hitler/Germany controlled the war for an extended amount of time but how much of this time was actually due to Hitler’s military strategies? Could Hitler have won the war by changing some of his strategies? No matter what you say about…

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  • Second World War Prophecies Analysis

    from enemy’s aerial attacks, and in position to prevent enemy’s air support to its land or see operations.2 Overall importance of having the air superiority, or “command of the air”, is to be able to attack enemy from the air, anytime and anywhere choosing the targets, and means to destroy them. Example of the air superiority’s importance can be seen during the Combined Bomber Offensive in 1945. After destroying Luftwaffe and gaining air superiority, British and American raids on Germany become…

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  • Did The Versailles Treaty Help Cause World War

    How Did the Versailles Treaty Help Cause World War Ⅱ There is no excuse on how the Treaty of Versailles treated the Germans. No one should ever be treated like how the Germans were treated during the Treaty and the War. Would you like it if you were in the German people shoes? On November 1918 World War Ⅰ ended and seven and a half months , later on June 28,1919 the Treaty of Versailles was signed by allied nations such as Great Britain, France, and a defeated Germany. The…

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  • British Air Defence Essay

    Air superiority during war is a make or break capability. To own the air not only with the use of a strong Air Force, but to rule it with a defensive posture. The anti-air capabilities of England during World War II set an example for what air defense can do and how effective it can be. The Battle of Britain was an air war that was conducted mostly over the skies of Britain and above the English Channel. The German Air Force, also known as the Luftwaffe, was conducting deep air raids into…

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  • The Importance Of The Battle Of Britain

    Britain is about to begin” Winston Churchill. The Battle of Britain was an aerial battle between Great Britain and the Nazi’s, a battle between Churchill and Hitler, and a battle between the Royal Air Force (RAF) and The Luftwaffe. The Battle of Britain had an affect on World War II because of the Airstrikes on British cities, the first uses of the air force, and the Nazi’s first big loss. A major part of the Battle of Britain was the airstrike's by the Nazi’s on British cities. First…

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  • What Are The Goals Of Nazi Germany And Operation Barbarossa

    From the Wehrmacht, to the Luftwaffe and the navy all were used for Hitler’s advantage. And Operation Barbarossa is culmination of these tactics put into one directive, as it includes and discusses the roles of each department within the army, with air force, navy, and defence force and their specified roles, but also covers foreign policies by outlining the plan hide the intent of attacking, and strategically focusing the luftwaffe and and ground forces is the implementation of…

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  • Importance Of Logistics In The Second World War

    hopping campaigns the U.S. forces finally get a hold of Iwo Jima and Okinawa, which enabled their air power to be in close proximity of the Japanese mainland. With this newfound advantage the U.S. forces began to fire bomb large cities like Kobe and Tokyo. We also see the increased usage of Kamikazes on the Japanese’s behalf, the success that was associated with the Kamikaze was the ability for an entire aircraft to take out a much larger entity perhaps a ship, large vehicle or another aircraft…

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  • Why Did Hitler Lose The Second World War

    Hitler that he could “bomb the enemy into submission”. Göring ultimately failed on his objective to destroy these allied forces for two reasons, one being that “bad weather frequently grounded the planes, [also] at this stage [the planes] did not fly at night”. There was, however, a more important reason, which was “the Luftwaffe met their first strong opposition by an air force that was to prove their match”, this ultimately being Great Britain’s Royal Air Force. This was the first time…

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  • Hermann Göring: NAZI Germany

    Hermann Göring was a NAZI war official and commander of the Luftwaffe during World War 2. He planned and plotted the deaths of many individuals and groups. Under the rule of Hitler he was one of the most notorious men in all of NAZI Germany. Göring committed many war crimes in his time in office and will be remembered accordingly. Hermann Göring was born on the 12th January 1893 in Rosenheim, Bavaria. He was born to a well off family with his Dad, Heinrich Ernst Göring, being appointed by Otto…

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