Analysis Of Adolf Hitler Lost The War

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How Hitler Lost the War
On September 1st 1939 Adolf Hitler changed the course of history forever by starting World War II when he invaded Poland. Then on April 30th 1945 this man that shocked the world with his actions committed suicide in his safety bunker. Hitler/Germany controlled the war for an extended amount of time but how much of this time was actually due to Hitler’s military strategies? Could Hitler have won the war by changing some of his strategies? No matter what you say about Hitler it is still true that he was an amazing speaker and had the charisma to lead entire nations into his personal war. Under his command though the German air force formerly known as the Luftwaffe fell into disarray and the German ground force was lead
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Dunkirk is considered one of the biggest influences on World War II (Loosely 32). The near entirety of the French forces and many British forces were held up in Dunkirk struggling to get ships back to Britain while the German army surrounded the city (Loosely 32). On this day Germany could have wiped out over one hundred thousand French soldiers and many British soldiers as well by bombarding the city and invading (Loosely 32). Instead Hitler halted the invasion and attempted to get Britain to join him as he saw them as equals. Hitler refused to engage even with all his generals’ demands and before he finally advanced the troops many of the Ally soldiers were already evacuated. Getting these soldiers back to safety was a huge morale boost for the Ally forces which is what they needed after France had been wiped out in only a few weeks (Loosely 38). Having these men back has been said by some historians to have been the reason the Allies made it until the United States joined the war a year and a half later. Allowing enemy soldiers to escape was bad enough but Hitler then decided to invade Russia (breaking a truce) only a year later. If executed correctly and further into the war this could have devastated the Russians. This is seen from the fact that Stalin was killing his own people to match Hitler’s views and when Hitler sent in his men Stalin was so blind of the fact that Hitler was still receiving resources as his men marched on the Russian border (Thomas 76). This gave Hitler a huge advantage but instead of waiting for the precise time (after Stalin had weakened his forces even more and when the German army was less scattered) he decided to attack stating “We have

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