Why Did The Us Enter Ww2

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Before its entry to World War II, America’s president Franklin Delano Roosevelt faced the issue of whether to stay neutral, or allow United States to intervene and take action in Europe. There was pressure coming from both those for and against intervention throughout the United States to remain neutral or take action respectively. Eventually the United States found itself in the midst of the war for a number of reasons. The chief of these reasons being firstly that President Roosevelt was concerned about Hitler’s conquest of Europe, and noticed that the Allied powers of Britain and France were losing the war, this was especially evident in the Dunkirk evacuation of 1940 in which British and French troops fled from France, making their enemy, …show more content…
Before entering the war officially, President Roosevelt became increasingly fearful of Hitler’s land and power hungry domination of Europe. Soon it became evident that France and Britain were losing the war against Germany, this was made clear by a number of events. The most obviously worrisome of these events was the Dunkirk Evacuation which took place between May 27th and June 4th 1940. After Germany had invaded Poland in September 1939, Britain began to send aid to defend France; however they failed to protect France successfully as the German forces surrounded the British and French troops at Dunkirk, cutting them off. This resulted in the decision to evacuate Dunkirk which led to the surrender of France to Germany. This made it clear to Roosevelt that France and Britain were not on the path to victory, prompting him to aid them, even before war had been declared on anyone. This worry for Britain and France is what started to pull the US into war, as it made Roosevelt attentive to the battle in Europe, and caused him to later begin aiding the countries, which eventually pulled him deeper into the

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