How Far Was Hitler Responsible For The Outbreak Of War Essay

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How far is Hitler responsible for the outbreak of war in 1939?
As Winston Churchill said “We have to run risks “ and that is exactly what Britain and France had done they took risks with Hitler, Neville chamberlain undermined Hitler’s abilities he gave Hitler the Sudetenland without considering the fact that because this was the military base of Czechoslovakia, claiming that “Hitler would be satisfied” it would further lead to Hitler taking over the whole of Czechoslovakia and then the rest of eastern Europe and the balklands. Can we really blame one man with a dream? “At this point, the British Prime Minister NEVILLE CHAMBERLAIN decided to intervene and Hitler agreed to a conference with him. The opinion of British statesmen was that the
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This closely links to Hitler’s policies, he wanted “lebensraum “(living space for German people) this therefore indicates that Hitler was responsible for the outbreak of war, because he was very determined to regain all lost territories, to unite all German speaking people and to provide them with lebensraum. However, it is easier to just blame a single man for the devastating results of the war, for millions of people’s deaths, but in reality everyone’s actions direct or indirect still contributed to Hitler’s actions. The Treaty of Versailles wanted huge reparations from Germany and they wanted demilitarisation and they took away some of their lands such as the Rhineland and the Ruhr, the treaty was being rather harsh as they forgot that the German’s did too suffer from the First World War and was demolished. This lead to the German government being ineffective, they were not doing what the German people wanted them to do which was to fight against the Treaty of Versailles, and these vulnerable people simply just wanted to stop being punished for what was the Governments choices, this made it significantly easier for Hitler to come Into power, the German people were vulnerable and weak they just wanted a strong leader. Therefore arguably the Treaty of Versailles was to blame for the Second World War, due to the harsh reparations and the guilt clause, they almost pushed the German people into the arms of

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