Treaty Of Versaille Dbq Analysis

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The Treaty of Versaille was a harsh blow to Germany, not only to it’s ego but also its economy. The terms for Germany were not something they could easily comply to. The Versailles treaty included payments of 367 billion dollars in U.S. currency. However Germany could not pay these fees because the economy was doing so poorly. It also included that their military had to be demilitarised. As an effect of losing military power, it caused great humiliation to Germany’s national pride something they upheld. The Versailles treaty greatly contributed to causing world war 2 because the terms greatly affected the German citizens and many did not take kind to the treatment of the terms but the biggest humiliation came from the war guilt clause, reparations, territorial losses, and military restrictions. Firstly, Nationalism was very important to many European countries especially Germany. The War Guilt Clause was in no doubt an embarrassing and frustration thing to have sign. In Doc D it states that The War Guilt Clause blamed “Germany... for causing all the loss and damage” across Europe.This was very hard to accept full responsibility of the war with …show more content…
The citizens of Germany agreed and followed Hitler to war truly believing it was the only way to prosper again. The humiliation and frustration caused them to look to new leadership ultimately leading to electing Hitler as a four year dictator but it last much longer. The War guilt clause, reparations, territorial losses, and military restrictions were big reasons for the search for leadership. The war guilt clause and reparations caused a multitude of money lost giving little hope for a prosperous future. Learning from the mistakes from the past we hope that the world makes peace among nations. The result of World War 1 and 2 resulted from the same problems whether it be military power or territory the nations can only hope these problems never occur

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