The Treaty Of Versailles : A Peace Built On Quicksand Essay

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A Peace Built on Quicksand
The Treaty of Versailles once referred to as “A Peace Built on Quicksand” due to it’s lacking abilities in keeping peace between nations that have already been through a world war. After WW1, the allied powers came together to create an organization that would create lasting peace between the nations, ironically the League of Nation did the total opposite, it created more chaos and tension between the nations. In 1919 the League of Nations created a treaty known as the Treaty of Versailles. This treaty did anything but promote peace. The Treaty of Versailles after WW1 caused conflict and ongoing tension, it allowed the Allied powers to strip germany of all its rights, it lead nations into another world war and it was a way for the Allied powers to benefit from the losses the central powers faced.
The Treaty of Versailles which was arranged by the Allied powers lead so many nations into a second world war. According to the book “The Treaty of Versailles” it states “ The first section of the Treaty of Versailles was to covenant of the League of Nations. It opened with a statement of its purpose: ‘The high contracting parties [in] order to promote international co-operation and to achieve international peace and security by the acceptance of obligation not to resort to war (Brezina).’” The treaties main purpose was to stop wars from occurring but right after the treaty was established nations felt the need…

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