Effects Of The Treaty Of Versailles

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Many aspects of the treaty were extremely harsh towards Germany. The military clauses were the harshest and most damaging clauses of them all, and were greatly disapproved by Germany. Before the start of the Great war Germany was an extremely militaristic country, the Kaiser was militaristic and anybody of power were all involved in the military in some points of their lives. Having built a society on Militarism the military clauses were the hardest of all the clauses for the germans to accept and live with. One of Germany’s best asset was their militaristic power, by restricting her army to only 100,000 volunteers, The treaty left her vulnerable to attack. For such a large country 100,000 men would be barely enough to keep the order within …show more content…
But in some of the clauses they were treated harshly and given punishments/payments they could not meet. Many people believed that it was the fault of the triple alliance and Austria-Hungary’s rash decision that really caused the start of the Great War. They believed that Germany did not Single handedly start the war, thus meaning they did not deserve to suffer the consequences by them selves. In addition, Germany was in a finical crisis, so the people (including Lloyd George) believed that Germany paying the £6.6 billion fine would completely cripple their country and economy. Germany was also force to sign yet another ‘blank cheque’ because if they did not Great Britain would not lift the naval blockade on German Ports. This forced Germany into a very difficult position, Starve their people or go into bankruptcy because of the Allies. This decision Germany was forced into making a extremely harsh when compared with the other finical problems that Germany was experiencing. The payment’s (fines) that Germany had to pay were an equivalent to 5% of the national income. These payments caused Germany to borrow lots of money form America. This may have been a necessity at the time but caused Germany to be in debt for many years slowing down there rebuilding process. In addition, they had to import raw materials, which lead to a balance of payments deficit. This caused

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